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  1. I was a judge at a CCCA  event in West Chester, PA some time ago.  A fight broke out,  almost to the point of fists flying,  between an owner and a judge regarding his lack of any way to dim the lights on his Duesenberg.  He swore,  literally,  that his car came from the factory without a way to dim the headlights.  I enjoyed the show,  liked most of the folks I met but I still felt like an intruder into their inner circle.  There is a need for a club like CCCA.  I hope it survives.

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  2. When the CCCA  Grand was in Baltimore I wanted to attend a few events that my young Son and Wife might enjoy, including a reception in the roundhouse of the B&O railroad. Those few events  would have cost us over $1000 with us driving from home every day. $1000 was way too much money for a young family just starting a business.  But I agree, the club has been watered down to where "What's the point?" in keeping our membership other than a nice magazine.

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  3. Over the years we have made several of these very difficult "gull wing" header bows. We have several requests for these now and are contemplating making another batch. We have however learned over the years that it is nearly impossible to make these so they fit without having a car to fit them to.  We were loaned a windshield frame, posts and surround to use to fit these bows but we no longer have that framework. We have an original header for a pattern but because these pieces are joined in the center by finger joints they need to be fit to a windshield frame. They are very labor intensive to make so therefore expensive.  At what we have to charge to make them we would like them to actually fit.  We might even buy an unrestorable  parts car if we could find one, conv coupe or 4 door conv. If we could find just a conv cowl that would be great. Any ideas?

  4. Dad bought my '32 Packard 900 from Art back when Light 8 Packards were only good for parts....and yea I hear some of you old guys saying "they still are only good for parts" under your breath.