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  1. Dynaflash8 I know you were kidding, thats why I said I could beat your Buick. Some times I tease too much, and is taken the wrong way. My Dad was no slouch when it came to driving fast, and he drove the wheels of the 41. I miss understood about Ted. I thought you meant Indy 500. He did own an Indy car. I think it was a Kurtis-Kraft. Henry Banks was director of racing, later on. Other than that, I don't know about the rest you mentioned. Mark Light had a garage in Lebanon. Some times when we went to Toby Tobius shop we stopped at Marks garage. and raced a few laps with him. I've become less of
  2. Dyna flash8 as in "Fireball". Nothing wrong with your memory, trying to remember pioneer days of racing. After thinking about all the Indy drivers names you recalled, I believe it was a AAA race, not NASCAR. They were not permited to jump ship. So it could be AAA banned the Buick, as they were King of the Hill back then. I have a list of money won at Indy till 1965 & Teds name not listed. Gee, I sure wish I still had that 40, so how am I going to prove who's the best? Mabe its not a good idea to beat the President, any way. Jack
  3. Going back to 1939-40 records have a way of being missleading. Winning a race does not prove it was won by the fastest car. NASCAR ruled that 500 of that make had to be sold & titled to enter. Bill France Sr. drove Buicks himself. A Buick did win at Daytona, but dissqualified for nodified carb. No records show any were barred by NASCAR. The 1949, Indy winner was Bill Holland, from Reading, Pa. He also owned a roller skating rink in town. Mark Light was from Lebanon, Pa. The 50 winner was Johnny Parsons shortened to 345 miles because of rain. Holland was 2nd. My Dad had a 41 Buick Contv. du
  4. Just for the record. Most speedometers were off 8 to 12 mph. at top speeds. The speed tests made, were corrected ones by using a wheel fastened to the rear bumper. So getting a reading of 102 to 110 not unusual in any make of car.Jack
  5. STARS CARS FOR SALE Klassix Cars Musuem Daytona Beach. auction tomorrow, Saturday ,starting 10:00AM. If you cant get there in time call 1-800-968-4444 from morning paper. Some are ones sent in to this topic. BATMOBILE------ DRAGULA (munsters)----FLINTSTONE---GREASED LIGHTNING--KITT (trans am David Hasselhoff Knight Rider) Gostbusters Ambulance (Bill Murry)film Expecting $200.000 for Batmobile & its not even a PACKARD. Jack
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