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  1. Thanks Craig. Im over the first part, but more comming up they tell me. Jack
  2. Speedster Should have included its sitting on 235 X 15 Radials. Jack
  3. LF 13 3/16" 56 Clipper HT RF 13 1/8 Bottom of fender skirt centered on ships wheel, wheel cover. Jack
  4. Mike An easier way to paint the raised areas is "pad paint" them. A small block of your choice with a piece of felt pulled tight on block. pour small amount paint on a flat surface & get the pad wet but not dripping of course. Holding it flat dab on. May take 2 or 3 times between drying to cover, depending on the color. Jack
  5. RickL It mounts on the left, drivers side. Im not so sure, because its been so long ago since I removed the package tray cover, but I think the steel frame is ready to accept a speaker. Not sure if holes are pre-drilled or not. Jack
  6. RickL My original 56 Clipper HT has fac. installed rear speaker with silver frame on package tray. It has 4 bolts from frame to mount speaker underneath. The grille has a stiff open weave cloth for protection. The fac. did install rear speakers, & cost was less than dealer charged to install. Jack
  7. 55 Packard guy Go ahead if you wish to. Jack
  8. Lake Powell I worked at a Packard dealership in 1941. A business man owned a 39 super with side mounts & factory installed A/C in the trunk. It came from Coyne & Evans a Pittsburg Pa. distributor. After the owner passed away it was put up for sale & my Cousin & Husband bought it in 1947. Packard had the Ohio company install a few AC units for testing them in 39 supers only. A couple years back this came up & I was taken to task on this as being a liar, but I do know difference in a 39 & a 40. Jack
  9. West. The 6 cyl. & the 120, light 8 cyl. didnt have the "Whiskers" only the Customs, along with an upgraded interior & the 9 main bearing engines. Jack
  10. Bill Both the Willard HDW-3KM-60 & Auto Lite 3-EA-60 are 60 Ampere hour 9 plates per cell. Jack
  11. ferg Unless it has a Packard crest or indications of mounting holes or outline at holes, its probably not a Packard trunk. If size measures to fit the trunk rack it could be used? Jack
  12. Brian The Arrow template you have is the correct location with the antenna behind the mirror. This subject of proper location is similar to other extras installed in different locations. The 51-53, back up lights, bottle caps on 1/4 panels, some even installing a 4th one. Packard always incl. templates for fac. specs locations. Of course with after market parts that can be installed on any car you wouldnt have them. The pic. of yours has a different looking post to the head. Jack
  13. I should have mentioned above. The right side clamp on didnt adj. to left enough for the driver. I put enough pressure on it the back is bent under forcing it to be usefull. Think they were $30.00, but now safe to drive. Jack
  14. Brian Traffic is bad in this area also, not safe to drive without a pair of mirrors. I ordered a pair of repos & are still in the box. As you said having my son moving them around finding ideal location. The head of right side wont adjust to left enough for driver to see it. This was problem on both the 53 & 56 Clipper. My opinion is with the 3 bar Yankee the arm is also adj. at the base, plus the head swivels a great deal more. This may be why they were popular? Then you have the antenna on the left side to contend with, in matching the pair the same location. Jack I have a pair of clamp ons as of now, till I get the Yankees back from the chrome shop. They may not be original, but they work. This came up awhile back & I think some one sent a picture of them mounted on a 55 or 56 400. jack
  15. BH These Yankee mirrors have a beveled smoked mirror. The plater wont remove any thing from parts taken to him. I took the mirrors to a specialty glass shop to remove them. He said it cant be done just break them & clean up the pieces. He said it was too bad they couldnt be saved if correctness was required as thay are not permitted to install smoked glass any more. Isnt that a blip? Next I guess the day night flippers wont be allowed either or the powers to be dont know about them HA Jack
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