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  1. 9 hours ago, Roger Zimmermann said:

    The last days I prepared and added the ridges on the side of the crankcase. Of course, my crankcase is not looking exactly the same as the original one, but the ridges will have the studs to attach the engine blocks.
    I added also the flanges for the fuel pump and the breather; there are some small details on the block; they will be added later as I intend to soft solder them. 
    Thanks to Johan (member of the Cadillac club) from the Netherland: he sent me a load of pictures from the block without accessories as well as from the transmission and other elements. I'm especially grateful for his pictures from the block; I'm now in a position to continue with the back. 

    212 more details.JPG

    213 more details.JPG


    That is impressive!  You, sir, are a master.



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