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  1. Any information for the arrest of my rear cross bar or a replacement lamp would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob in San Diego. Email me direct: herbeam@yahoo.com. also need odometer gears for the 90 tc as well
  2. The wheels are AJS, a company licensed by BBS the world famous brand. The car is a daily (weekly driver). I got the car last year from a private collector with 3215 miles on it (1600 of which were from driving the car from detroit to missouri).I am working with Rick Diogo (The gent in Florida who has a stock(ported and polished but with a garrett turbo)Masi motor in an IROC Z that makes 443 hp / 408 ftlbs torque at the front wheels on the dyno. I an on track for 16-18 lbs boost and over 300 hp. Since its 1 of 3 ramaining 3xblk ca cars, I will not make any modifications that would deter conver
  3. Please go back to my web site and look at the AJSYOKA0-8.bmp series. Bob
  4. <A HREF="http://www.thetirerack.com" TARGET=_blank>www.thetirerack.com</A> has a great looking set of wheels and tires for your tc. They only weigh 20 lbs each and are 16 x 7.5 inches. Standard size tire is a 215/55/16. After measuring I ordered 225/50/16 Yokohama AVS Z rated tires that were on closeout for only $60 each. The wheels were $139 each and came mounted and balanced complete with covers, lugs and wrench...complete package. This wheel/tire combination increases your tread width from 6" to 8" for 33% more road contact. The tires are about the stickiest I ever owned and ar
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