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  1. The results from the other O'Reilly store was totally different. They simply said the battery had a dead cell, and replaced it free of charge under the warranty. The engine cranked strong at the turn of the key. Life is good🙂
  2. My 89 Coupe gets little use. Couple of times, probably less than 200 miles total a month. (Current odo is at 81K). A week ago I took it for a short (10-15 mile) spin. It started fine, ran fine. The next day, nothing. Not even instrument lights, other than the current odo lighting up. Battery is less than 18 months old and still well within warranty. My limited mechanical acumen told me that maybe through a combination of infrequent use and short trips the battery had run out of charge and didn't get enough of a chance to recharge, so I put it on an overnight trickle charge, but the next morning it was the same thing. Turning the ignition key produced a sound somewhat briefer and quieter than a gnat passing gas, and that's it. I then pulled the battery and checked all the connections I could reasonable reach or see. I found one a bit wobbly and although it took all morning to remove, clean and reconnect (see illustration of reasons below), I reconnected the battery, but nothing had changed. I took the battery out and took it down to O'Reilly's where I bought it. They put it on the charger and said an hour later that I was good to go. But the person I left it with was not the same who gave me the later report. The first one had attached a note to the battery that it had a dead cell. The second guy said he checked it and everything was OK. It was close to closing time on New Years eve, so that could have been a just-get-this-guy-out-of-here type of answer. Long story short (probably too late for that) after installing the battery it's still giving me the silent treatment. Tomorrow I'm taking it to a different O'Reilly's for a second opinion on its condition, but in the meanwhile I ask here what other possibilities are lurking in the dark.
  3. I've done this some years ago, and need to do it again: replacing the radio module. I got mine on EBay but remember someone at the time suggesting that it is the same as a module from an early 90's Chevy pickup. If so, which year and model pickup was it? Does anyone know. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. It's the front ones I need, so I'll check with parts stores or as the last resort, dealer.
  5. My anti-lock warning light (yellow) stays on all the time, has for years. As I feel no sign of brake malfunction, I'm suspecting the relay switch , but forgot which of the three relays is which up front. Point me to it?
  6. After a guy did a great job working on my'89 coupe's brakes he mentioned in passing that I needed to replace the bushings on the anti sway bar. I said I'd see to it. My mind was on something else and I forgot to ask him whether that means replacement of the sway bar as well or just the bushings, so I'm asking here. PS. The car's got 80K miles on it, and this is the first time I had the rear brakes done. The guy said it didn't need rear pads, but I'd already bought them so I had him do it anyway.
  7. Preparing to do a rear brake job on my 89 coupe. Couple of questions: 1. Should I count on having to replace the calipers? (If so I want to have them on hand before starting) Is there a good step by step reference on these pages, preferably illustrated? Thanks.
  8. As stated above I'm limited in what I can do, so what I can't do with a jack and a wrench, I do with Photoshop
  9. My sins of my youth and age both caught up with me at the same time, and being quite a bit limited in physical work and mobility, I haven't worked on my 89 Coupe. Thankfully it gave me no trouble and other than a slow tranny drip, everything is fine. The leather (maybe vinyl) on the drivers side door armrest, and the center console cover are beginning to crack in places in spite of garaged parking and leather conditioners. I take it out for weekly spins to keep things from getting stale, and once a month on a short road trip of 80 miles or so on the freeway to blow it out a little. During the most recent road trip the odo passed the 81,000 mark and thing are running smoothly. I laugh when I see a 3 or 4 year old vehicle for sale around here, with a "low mileage" of 150,000.
  10. Overnight the battery drained(?) only 0.04 Volts, and cranked normally. It took me about three hours, but I located all the ground terminals shown on the illustration, and found them clean and dry. Nonetheless, I brushed those I could reach (some are in knuckle busting locations) and applied a puff of electronic connection cleaner on them before tightening them back up. The only one I found questionable was the inside threads on the battery's ground connector, a light powdery green residue, which came clean with a brush. Again, I applied the connection cleaner, and tightened it back up. After restart and a brief ten minute run, the voltage readings remained essentially unchanged. I suppose it's time for a battery change. Thanks for the input.
  11. My 72 month battery is nearing 82 months of service. My '89 couple is used infrequently, and has but 70K miles on the odo. The last time I drove it was a week ago, and as usual, had no issues. No light or accessories were left on, but this morning when I turned the key, all I got was a VERY weak attempt at a moan, with no cranking at all. I'm not a mechanically inclined person to start with and being disabled, crawling around in the engine compartment is very difficult to say the least, but I did a cursory visual check for obvious signs of problems. The battery is not swollen, the connections are clean, the belt is tight. Not enough power to do a diagnostic check, so using my AC battery charger I gave it a quick boost, that started it. I then tried to run a diagnostic check, but ran into issues there. Below are pictures (in sequence) of the feedback. 1. The "Vehicle" indicator was highlighted 2.Checking vehicle status, it indicated that the computer status was OK, but the door stayed blank or blinked. (That passenger door ajar comes on every time, and because the door is shut securely, I just tap the "Return" button to turn off the warning. But here it was non-responsive. 3. Opening the Computer Communications dialog, I got what you see in the third illustration.... and this is a first. Unable to proceed from there, I exited the diagnostic mode. 4. After the jump start I took a twenty minute ride during which I took several readings of the gages at traffic stops. Oil pressure varied between 45 and 52 PSI, Voltage between 13.4 and 13.7. I'm letting it sit overnight and see whether it starts tomorrow. I have two theories, but being how my mechanical aptitude is only approaching but is not entirely on par with my expertise in brain surgery, either or both may be way off the mark. A. The battery had run its course and doesn't hold charge. B. The alternator is shot and not recharging the battery. I'll await your learned feedback before attempting to do anything else. Thanks in advance.
  12. 63 Viking: I found no other way to eliminate that ugly gap in the wheel wells :-) Handmedownreatta: As pointed out above, it's not lowered, just photoshopped
  13. When it rains, it pours. My other car is in the shop, and now the red warning light came on in the Reatta, and it hardly had enough pressure to bring to a stop, and only if I drove very slow. Fortunately I was close to home and managed to nurse it to the house. Once home I did the brake test and came up with these numbers: Test 1 - 7 Test 2 - 17 Test 3 - 2 Test 4 -10 Test 5 - 1 Test 6 - 5/8 inch Test 7 - Yes, but slight. Although mechanically disadvantaged, the tests tell me that I need to replace the accumulator. I did that once about nine years ago, and it would still be a DIY job, but finding one appears a lot harder than it was back then. The AC Delco 25528382 is not available at any outlet... The JLN 11659 made for Jaguars is reputed to fit, but at that price I'd have to be certain before I'd spring for it. Ditto the FEBI 01817 made for some BMW and Mini Cooper models, but even at half the price of the Jaguar part, I'm not assured of the fit. Any comments on my brake test results, or pointers in any direction would be much appreciated.
  14. The leather on top of the hinged armrest (I call it that) covering the center console/storage bin is beginning to crack up and I'm looking for a replacement. It's the "saddle" color. Does anyone have an undamaged one for sale? PM me or post here if you do.
  15. Due to age as well as vision issues my 89 Coupe (currently 78,500mi) doesn't get driven after dark unless I get caught out late. At times like that I always have to fumble for the right thing to push to turn lights on or off, operates wipers, etc, as none of these light up to indicate what they are. Is this a design oversight, or do I have a wiring/fuse issue?