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  1. Had this car for 14 years, had brakes worked on, air conditioner replaced, and a few gaskets here and here. I'm 82, so I expect it to outlast me.
  2. My 89 coupe is seldom used. (81K miles on odo) Lately I hear a low pitch humming/tooting sound at start up and it stays that way for minutes even if I wait for a warm up before driving. Brakes are soft and there's no such thing as doing a heavy nose dip when pressing hard on the brake pedal. Am I right in suspecting a need to change the accumulator. It was replaced about 10 years and 30K miles ago, but Father Time kills things whether we use them or not. What think Ye?
  3. Thanks to repeated, patient advice the radio module is out, the new one in, and the sound is excellent. It was, however, a miserable, knuckle-busting experience over several days in ten minute increments. Getting the connectors off was like trying to take a pork chop from a pit bull, and I have the scratches and bruises to prove it. All that's left is replacing the seat. Glad to have it behind me as ten days from today I'll be having my third back surgery in as many years, and here's no way i could do this for quite a while. Again, thanks.
  4. This has been on various threads. Long story short (probably too late for that) I've managed to wrestle out the divers seat and am looking at the module under the console but it's too tight to reach in to unplug the connectors, so I'm stuck on how to remove it. Not to dwell on "woe be me", but my task is further complicated by being severely limited in mobility and due to the contortions necessary to get in at floor level I can only dedicate ten minutes or so to the project before having to take an extended rest. Thus the thread lasting several days. In any case here is what I'm
  5. Trying to replace the radio module and am stuck after removing the driver's seat. It got dark on me and will start fresh tomorrow, but I could use a few friendly pointers. TIA.
  6. I'm still looking for one. Tried searching for one out of early 90s Chevy C10, which is supposedly the same, but no luck. Also in the market for a saddle console lid. Anyone, anyone...Buehler?
  7. Let me know what you're asking for the radio module.
  8. I've once again done an extensive search, naming not only Reatta but all the other models this module works o: 88-94 GM and GMC pickups,, Suburbans, Yukons, etc, but came up with nothing. Does anyone have the correct Part Number for this item?
  9. It's done. I found a flexible wrench extension at Harbor Freight, and after removing the stabilizer and wrestling the jungle of cables out of he way the last remaining screw became accessible. The module lifted right out and reassembly was a breeze. The air now comes on and turns off when ordered. And then...just to see what Gee-Whiz circuitry I'd find inside I decided to perform an autopsy on the bad module. Removing four screws holding the two parts together, I may have stumbled onto the reason for its failure: The thermal paste between the two aluminum surfaces was dry and spotty
  10. After four days of intermittent struggles I managed to remove the term connectors and then the two screws holding the module down. I then spent the last two days trying to get a box or open end wrench onto that third &*$@#^%^ screw in the back. Holding a tiny wrench blocks the view , so it's blind work. Even if I manage to somehow get the wrench onto it, there isn't enough room to make a 1/6 turn. How does one get to that rascal and with what tool?
  11. I found a way to reach the screws, but first want to move the power connectors out of the way so when the screws are out I can lift he module out. The white release tabs move a little but not enough to release the clip holding onto the top edge of the connectors..... so close yet so far.
  12. Progress report: I've recharged the battery, reconnected it and the blower didn't come back on. That was a relief... until I found that it won't come on at all, confirming everyone's diagnosis. I've located the ECC power module but I'm unable to do the contortions necessary to access the mounting screws in order to remove it. I'll find someone to do it. Question: Does the ECC module lift out after the screws are removed, or is it necessary to remove the blower motor itself (as suggested by the service manual illustration in my earlier post?
  13. Harry Yarnell was kind enough to sell me an ECC module, which arrived yesterday. However, it doesn't look anything like the graphic I posted from the service manual, and I'm having a hard time identifying it under the hood . I'm barely semi-ambulatory, so I can only stay on my feet a few minutes at a time, and it would help tremendously if someone could point out the location on the attached picture.... and while I'm at it, which one of the three relays seen on the right controls the ABS? I need to replace it because the light (yellow) stays on.
  14. Is this the item? (from the service manual)
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