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  1. If this is the same as the "Sport Lite" used on the Chevrolet from the 1930's, then it is a spotlight. Inside the car, a knob on the handle rotated the light. So perhaps that is the reference to the pinion and bearing.
  2. Here's a rebuilt 1934 (seller says 33-35) Chevrolet wiper motor on ebay. Says that it works--starting at $90. Would this be of interest?
  3. Grandpa, it wasn't me that asked, but thanks for the information. I didn't know that was the official name of the little oil pressure tubing.
  4. Landman, I don't think it's unusual for newly rebuilt engine to be very tight. The engine in my 36 (basically the same as yours) would barely turn over using a 6 volt battery with the spark plugs out. With the plugs in, wouldn't budge. Because my car was all together (simply rebuilding the engine--not a full restoration), we towed the car with the plugs out to loosen up the engine. It then spun faster with the starter. Then put the plugs back in, but still wouldn't budge with the starter. So pulled it again and got it started--even then wanted to slide the rear wheels on grass (we wer
  5. Dim memory just recalled: the 1917-18 Chevrolet Model D (V-8) "Chummy" roadster has what could be considered bucket seats. Here is a link to a Spanish discussion that shows a decent picture .
  6. Do the fold up "bucket" seats of the earlier tudor sedans count? The 36 Chevrolet Standard 2-door has bucket seats that fold (passenger) or lift (driver) for access to the back seat. If these meet the criteria, then I believe some of the sedans back in the 20's had these.
  7. I second trimacar. When I got the 36 Chevy in 1983 there was wood with surface rot in the lower body plate and door jamb. I used Kwik-Poly and have not had any problems.
  8. I apologize for the goof--should read all posts before responding! I see you already have the rods--but if you do want some extras just let me know.
  9. Landman, Many moons ago I said would look for the NOS starterator vacuum. Sorry I didn't respond but I haven't found it don't believe have it anymore. But I do have a few NOS GM and a set of NORS 34-36 connecting rods if you're interested. They are standard size (not oversize). Actually know where these are! I think have enough for a set of 6 plus a few more. But I would like to hang to at least a few in case any on my car ever let go. Just let me know if interested. I should be stopping by the building where they're stored this coming weekend.
  10. Sorry that I keep forgetting to look for the starterator vacuum. I was at my parents this last weekend but it was hectic and neglected to look. I'll be up there again in a couple of weeks and will tie a string on my finger, or do something, to remember!
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry I'm just now getting back to this thread--I've haven't checked it in ahwile. I'll be back where the parts are over Easter weekend, will look for the starterator vacuum then, and let you know.
  12. If it turns out you need the starterator dashpot (vacuum assembly), I think I may have a NOS one. The parts are not handy, but I can look through them in the next few weeks. I also may have already sold it--my memory doesn't recall. Just let me know if interested.
  13. Hello, I have a 36 Chevrolet and woul be interested in points and condensors. You can PM me at jrudy@vhcc.edu. How much would shipping cost to Abingdon, VA 24212? If I didn't already have plenty of extra valves, would take some of those as well! Thanks!
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