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  1. Mike, This is a 1936 Chevrolet speedometer--and I believe may also be 1935 master.
  2. Mike, As I mentioned in a PM to you, yes, this clock goes in a special glove box lid for the 35-36 Chevrolet. Although, if carefully done, one could probably use a hole saw to cut out a hole in the standard lid. As in the picture above, all the ones I've seen also had the accessory ash tray to the left of the clock (it rotates to expose the ash tray part--in the picture it is closed)
  3. As said by the others, these don't have a lot of monetary value. I believe they were sometimes provided in toolkits that came with cars. The 36 Chevrolet I believe included a Vlcheck adjustable wrench.
  4. Mike, If you had the radio plate 15 years ago or so, I would have wanted it. At that time had all of the radio components except for the knobs. They weren't reproduced and couldn't find any, so I sold the radio. Thanks for the offer, but wouldn't have a use now. And also have accessory horn button. You should be able to find someone who wants the radio plate, although someone wanting a car to show may prefer the genuine Chevy radio plate to avoid point deductions. For this and other Chevrolet parts, you could try posting in the forums over at the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America site--perhaps find more potential buyers there. Good luck in identifying and selling!
  5. Another possible option: If you know someone trustworthy in a state that does not issue titles for antique vehicles (as in your case, GA), "sell" the car to them for a nominal fee, buy it back from them, get bill of sale, and then the state DMV (Virginia in this case) may issue a title from the bill of sale. This worked for us about 10 years ago in the case of a Model A being built up from parts (thus never titled). How do hot rodders building a car that is not titled get a title?
  6. Mike, The reproduction rubber and wire contacts are correct for this horn button. It's just that your horn button is bent and distorted fairly significantly. I have a used accessory horn button like this one currently my car and a NOS accessory horn button cap that I will either put on my car someday or sell. My car is a driver, so it almost seems overkill to put a perfect NOS button on a car that is not perfect otherwise. Good luck in fixing and selling.
  7. Absolutely 1936 Chevrolet accessory horn button. In good condition, worth a fair amount of $$. The rubber is reproduced, as is the grounding prong (as noted, 1929-40). The accessory celluloid/bakelite center is not. The rubber fits down in the steering wheel and acts a "spring" to push the horn button back up after it is pushed. Hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for the input! There were sold at Charlotte.
  9. I'm sending the fellow the money for the tires to hold until Fall Hershey--we'll both be going anyway. Only $100 for the set, so didn't want to pay more in shipping than for the tires... We've talked a good bit and he is a long time hobbyist and trustworthy.
  10. Yep, I didn't want to inconvenience anyone (would offer $$ for the trouble of picking them up and delivering) or spend a lot on shipping. I'm not in a hurry to get them and the seller should be going to Hershey in Oct.--so will pick the tires up then. Plus will save the seller packing them up, etc.
  11. 36chev

    Unknown part

    BTT for one more look before Charlotte...
  12. BTT for one more look...
  13. BTT for one more look before Charlotte... Marv--any idea on what Mopar application? Unfortunately, no markings to aid in ID. Thanks again for help and will do my best to reciprocate in the future for anything I may have familiarity with.
  14. Would anyone near the New York City area be heading to the Charlotte Autofair? I'm purchasing 5 tires and the seller indicated he could meet someone in the NYC area to have the tires delivered to Charlotte. Thanks!
  15. I have some used lifters that would probably need to be ground. If you want them, let me know and you can have them for the cost of shipping. Or, if you're going to be at Charlotte, could deliver there (at least think I can...will need to go by our farm and dig through the piles of spare parts to discover them before leaving.)
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