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  1. Bob's Antique Auto Parts has M-255 top dressing listed on their web site might check with them. M-255 - TOP DRESSING, BLACK. FOR CLOSED CARS.
  2. Rotometals has the Wood's Metal for $15.99/lb about 2.5 cubic inches. Low Melting Bismuth Based Ingot 158 ALLOY Wood's metal I use Wood's Metal all the time for bending thin wall tubing and could always use a couple more pounds. Neat stuff, but it can be a bit persnickety. You have to soak the tube in oil so it doesn't tin the sides (brass tubing). It is also very brittle along the crystalline boundaries and if you let it cool slowly the crystals get really big (around 1/4 square), so I quench it in cold water as soon as I pour it to keep the crystals small. That keeps it from breaking and coming through the tube. I also find it is much more pliable if you soak it for 10 minutes or so in hot tap water before bending. Aside from the tinning issue, I don't think any of these are concerns if you use it for fixturing. It's really cool stuff.
  3. Looking at the 1923-1925 Packard Eight Parts List on Packard Information web site pages 15-18 they do not give wire colors but bulk stock numbers. If you compare the numbers it appears that used the same stock #56546 for most of the of general wiring indicating that it would have been the same color. Stock numbers only changed on what might different sizes. No colors given though. Good luck
  4. Have you though about using an electronic voltage reducer? That is what I did on my 48 Packard it has been on it for 2 years with no problems. It is a 20 amp 12 to 6 volt unit that Bill Dewey sells on eBay. You can check it out here. Voltage Reducer Regulator 12 VOLTS to 6 VOLTS 20 AMPS - eBay (item 130476993710 end time Jan-28-11 19:35:43 PST)
  5. Check Mr. Gs, http://www.mrgusa.com/pdfs/45-49misclp.pdf Bottom left page 45
  6. Hi all, I am restoring a 48 Packard Station Sedan with new wood. The original wood was bedded to the body with a putty; does anyone have any recommendations as what to use to bed the new wood?:confused:
  7. car crank


    I had a 2 grove pulley machined to go on the alternator for the AC on my 48 station station sedan. This worked out OK
  8. The shop manual for 22nd to 24th series straight eight gives the torques as: Exhaust & Intake manifold - screw - 3/8-16 25-30 Ft/Lbs. Exhaust & Intake manifold - stud nut - 3/8-24 25-30 Ft/Lbs
  9. Steele does not make them as I checked with them looking for some for my 48. They are scarce I never found any new or used and had to hand make some. You could put them on eBay with return if they don't fit the buyers use and see what they bring or with a buy now price of about $100.00.
  10. Looking at the pictures they appear to be Headliner Retainers strips. If they are made of thin sheet metal and along one edge they have small teeth folded in that is what they are. If you have a parts book for 48 to 54 Packard they are listed under item # 31.4588. They screw to the body above the doors and the Headliner is pushed in under the edge and the teeth hold the liner. Don’t know what model car they go on without the part #s as each model is a little different shape but they go on a 4-door car.
  11. :confused: I am installing air conditioning on my 48 Station Sedan and have everything ready to go but am concerned about the engine overheating. I have seen AC on some other Packards but did not cheek to see if the radiator and fan had been replaced with different units to reduce the engine heating. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. West, The cable has a machined end with a square end about 3/4" long with a small shoulder washer at the end of the square the other end is just a plane square
  13. I got a new speedometer cable for my car it has a washer on one end ? does the washer end go at the transmission end or the speedometer end. Thanks for any help.
  14. The wood used on 48 Station Sedan was Birch not Ash on mine and all that I have seen.
  15. Peter, floor pans for the 48 have been coming up on ebay for 4 door which are the same for the woodie except the trunk area which has a spare well which can be cut out and filled with a flat panel. Replacement wood is not that hard to make because it is only bolt on frames except the tail gate.
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