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  1. Thanks for the reply, Bill. This is something like what I'm looking for. Our Excel listing is unformatted (just free form text and not a true spreadsheet). Would it be possible to get a copy of your Excel spreadsheet in a template form? I wouldn't want the data, just the template for our roster. We don't have any Excel or database experts and the upkeep of basically a text file doesn't lead to much in the way of automating mailing lists or printouts.
  2. As a former Webmaster and Newsletter Editor, and now club President, I want to computerize the management of our club's membership records, mailing lists, rosters, etc.. This is the most technically oriented forum on AACA so I figured the most expertise would be available here. I'm looking more toward a central database type system of low or no cost to the club. The club Secretary would be the primary user but it should also accommodate other primary offices within the club. I wouldn't rule out an on-line system but would prefer desktop based if possible. What are other clubs out there using?
  3. Three 2110 carbs just rebuilt (two have new aluminum bases from Vintage Speed for secondaries, original bases come with) - $200. Banjo fuel fittings and 3 carb progressive linkage - $75. Three deuce Offenhauser manifold in real good condition (no cracks, breaks, chips, etc.) - $300. Offenhauser finned aluminum valve covers in very good condition (no cracks, chips, breaks!) - $200. Four 15" full wheel covers in very good condition - $120. Four very nice bumper guards - just need polishing for show - $120. 56 Instrument cluster (all gauges work except for clock - repairable though
  4. Placing for fellow club member in Tallahassee Region. Older body restoration, Aviator Blue. A nice and reliable driver that turns heads everywhere! Rare vehicle, only 34 remaining. Engine resleeved and bored to original specs with new valves, rings, and bearings; new clutch, new fuel pump, new battery. Transmission, brakes, steering, carburetors, radiator, all rebuilt. Top in excellent condition. Vacuum cylinders for top power assist reconditioned. Seats, door panels, spare tire cover, and boot tonneau in matching maroon Naugahyde. Twin carburetors, split manifolds, and dual exhaust. Halogen l
  5. Thanks for the reply. The good lens I have has TRIPPE SPEEDLIGHT at the bottom of the lens and on the outside lip it says 8". The lens fluting is all vertical. I hope to find one at the Moultrie meet in GA next month but it never hurts to ask.
  6. Does anyone know of a source for lenses for an 8 inch Trippe speedlight?
  7. The fastest production vehicle built in the US during 1978-79. This "Adult Toy" sported a special High Performance 360 C.I. 4-barrel small block engine which was a modified version of the 360 police engine producing 225 net horsepower @ 3800 RPM. The package also included Hemi style mufflers with a crossover pipe breathing through 2 chrome stacks located behind the cab, a special 727 transmission and 3.55:1 rear gearing.<o></o> Production of the 1979 Dodge Lil' Red Express Truck's was 5,118. <o></o> Complete. Minor rust on chrome steps and wheels but not bad for a
  8. OK, its been 3 days now and I haven't received my new login for the Tallahassee Region website! (TRAACA) Problems? Bob Love Webmaster Tallahassee Region AACA
  9. Thanks Judy, Well, I guess I did something right. I got another reason to walk up to the stage today! A letter from Joe Gagliano saying something about a Master Webmaster Award. Starts the new year out right! Bob
  10. The wife and I talked it over. See you in February in Philadelphia! Let's hope most of that winter weather is absent that weekend. I feel for those in the northeast as we've been enjoying near spring-like weather here in the Florida Panhandle for the past few days. The forecast for Christmas day here is 78 deg.! Maybe I'll just pack some of it and bring it along for the trip! Bob
  11. Thanks Wayne and Judy, I'm sure its not for a vehicle as I haven't shown one for judging this past year. I've been a past Master Webmaster winner so I am familiar with those awards. Thanks again and maybe I'll have to rethink my plans for attending! BTW the letter came from Bo Croley. Bob
  12. It's Christmas eve and Santa arrived today bearing "The Letter". All it says is that I am a recipient of a 2008 AACA National Award (not which one!). Is there a way of finding out because right now I don't think I'll be able to attend the National Meeting. Bob Love Tallahassee Region Webmaster & Newsletter Editor
  13. Older restoration. Solid body and chassis in excellent shape, no rust whatsoever. Could use a new coat of paint. Dual side mounts. Electric wiper. Etched wind-wings. Seat belts for all passengers. Original trunk (not repro). Newly added this year: distributor (modern internals), Zenith carburetor, spark plugs, electronic turn signals. All tires and rims in good shape. EMail ( boblove@comcast.net ) for pictures or see at FS 29 Ford
  14. Joe, I hear where you're coming from and I appreciate your position, but please, let's get away from calling this a "contest" and feeling we are in competition with each other. Some have more skills than others, and some have more funds to buy the software required to look professional, but most are volunteers doing this for their local clubs or regions and I hope, like me, enjoy it as much as we enjoy our participation in the old car hobby. I sometimes get the feeling that those that evaluate the newsletters and websites bring with them the same philosophy that encompasses a car show! Much mo
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