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  1. I was wondering if anyone would know much about Wisconsin license plates. Years ago I had a set of original 1930 Wisc. plates the were tan and black and started with the letter C. I bought these locally from original owner.I sold these along with the car (1930 Chevrolet 2 door coach)to a man in Oshkosh,Always wondered what happened to it) Now years later I bought another 1930 car ,and in the search for another set of plates I came across a set of which are gray and black letter/numerals starting with the letter D. Talking around to friends,one tells me the C stands for autos and A stands for trucks.....What does D stand for?
  2. The valve stem is rolled under,,,,,awaitng further instructions......... <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" />
  3. Here is a picture of the T,,,,,,,,,,, Whew!!! Click on the word attachment to see the photo.
  4. I recently bought a 26 Tudor that hasn't been run for at least 25 years,(ran good when parked) Yeah right!. It is loose and a slight bit of Compression. Was thinking of flushing it some with diesel, spinning it with the crank, draining and repeating. Then dropping pan and cleaning out oil tube and seeing if I can get some smoke out of it....Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  5. I wasn't gonna do this but,,,,,,,,,It looks so forlorn sitting in the barn lots of racoon poop four flats, filty, Pretty beat up, But when I saw painted on the side ,a three on the tree,a fifth under the seat,I had ta buy it. (1926 Tudor) loose looks like a parade rig to me!! Will haul it home soon if it don't snow then I send some pics. My wife said that "another T" how many old cars are you gonna get!Well, I replied, the barn aint full yet. Going tomorrow to look at a Oil/Pull tractor. I never had one of them so at least she can't say ,,,Another Oil/Pull...........Having a good weekend in Wisconsin <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif" alt="" /> [color:"green"]
  6. You wouldn't maybe be willing to let the remains of that Kissel truck go back home to Wisconsin? [color:\\"orange\\"]
  7. I am unable to E-mail you.Could you try me?
  8. O-kay I know it is dopey ......But when I was a kid it and the cars that Avery Schreiber drove in the show where about the only old cars a kid saw on TV. The question is ,,,what happen to it? What was it really?I think it had Model A wheels on it... Hey why where at it,,,Where is Fred MacMurry's Model T, Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang ,Jack Benny's Maxwell Fred Munster's Funeral car I remember the episode when Lilly goes to a carlot and has the man there combine a dragster and a funeralcoach into it. [color:\\"red\\"]
  9. Hi all, Still looking for a speedster,,,Something I won't have to sell the farm for... A Lafrance or something similar No Fords. Thanks
  10. Hi all, Still looking for a speedster,,,Something I won't have to sell the farm for... A Lafrance or something similar No Fords. Thanks
  11. Guys, words can't express how much I appreciate you fellas telling your stories about things like this. I use to read about Henry Austin Clarks adventures finding and retrieving early autos out of old buildngs in big cities. I've always wondered what is in all those old boarded-up buildings in Chicago when I had to drive thru the Loop down there for business. Once I had the chance to ask a sales clerk in downtown Milwaukee on Wisconsin Ave. what was above his record store. He looked at me like I was a nut and,said he had owned the store for 15 years and had no idea what was above him.I can imagine what a dusty floor full of old cars must look like! You guys make it sound like Mr. Pollard had hundreds of cars.I am so thankful that guys like him had the forsight to collect and save them for us. Anyone have pictures or lists of his cars? Again THANKS for your effort and His!
  12. Way back in the early seventies when I was young, I read of a auction in Chicago of autos owned by Barney Pollard (sp?)and things did not sell. Through the years, I have heard rumors ,truths, lies, stories, fables of antique & classic machines stored standing on their tails in warehouses,and tin shacks along railroad sidings in downtown Chicago. Does anyone know of this mythical sightings or should they be classified with 100$ Corvettes and Elvis' Harley? Was told once of a one off Hupmobile with frontwheel drive that is in great shape from the rear window s up and gone there back. was supposed to be one of these car that stood on their tail for 50 years in mud? Loved to hear or see pictures or lists of car owned by this fella
  13. Thanks for replying.... My brother is not computer literate and was wondering if you could send phone numbers and he will call you guys. PS will need to know shipping on the rear 1/4 to SE Wisconsin
  14. My bring it home story involves my first car purchase. At the age of twelve.In 1969 I bought a 1930 Chevrolet Universal coach for $200. I pedaled my Schwinn Plum-Crazy Banana (Wish I still had it) bike to town and cleaned out my bank account, and headed toward the farmer dude who sold me the car. I threw the bike in the back seat ,which by the way also where the doors for the car were. Good ole Fisher wood frame body you know. Mean while back at the ranch,The bank called my Mother and told her I emptied my bank account,and she had no idea what I was up to (figured I was running off). She called where my dad worked and he was coming home to start searching.( I don't know what the big deal is........I was one of six kids. He passed me up on the way home by the way. I pulled in the drive way and got a major a.. chewing!!! from my parents and the town cop! We all laugh about it know.
  15. Thanks for responding........The Radiator is a big massive thing that looks like it is from the teens.Looks like a LaFrance truck Radiator from a distance. The guy who was there said the frame was from a Pierce-Arrow but, he also said the engine was a Buda and it has Cummins Diesel cast on the side. So.....I figured it wasn't the time to argue with the guy, I might want to buy this rolling nightmare
  16. Earlier this week in my travels I came across a conglomeration of automobilia that melded into a truck of some sorts. Parts that I recognized was cab is from a Crosley pick-up engine is a Cummins I'm guessing a NH.The frame is some heavy form of car frame .....Heavyer than say a 30 Chevy I'm thinking a big car from the twenties. The suspension might be the identifing part. The springs front and rear are Full-Ellipitic. ALSO the Radiator is a big brass thing and on the emblem are the profiles of three men one a little behind the other. Anyone know what the chassis and radiator could be from? The whole mess is rather neat looking
  17. I know this is a long shot but here goes. 1st., Does anyone know what happen to the converted steam car built by Mr.H.W. McGee Sr. of Milwaukee Wisc. Top of page 168 in Mr. Clymer's Steam Car Scrapbook ? And 2nd. I know a real shot in the dark, In the late 60's, in The Milwaukee Journal, a picture of a car from the teens was found in a basement of a home in Milwaukee. Seems the elderly owner had died and the car turned up when they where cleaning out the house. At some time in the past the street had been raised in front of the home and the car,in the basement garage was blocked in with no way out except disassemble. (Which I would of done with a spoon if I could of but was a wee lad then. Anyone remember? Thanks blrhlr@fdldotnet.com
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