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  1. Would that be 4 door hardtop parts or 4 door sedan parts? I need a front windshield with an antenna in it, and the passenger (I think) b-pillar plastic cover (tan.) That, and some other things, but I'll have to get a list together. Please let me know if you have either. Thanks, Romy
  2. Does anybody remember who was selling starters for the 455 that would clear the headers? It was on the v8buick site, but unforturnately it's not up yet. I believe they were made by ac delco, but I'm not postitive. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as my car won't start right now, and that's one hell of an inconvienence...the old starter motor finally gave up. I guess it didn't like the high compression. I had gotten a starter motor from Powermaster, but the solenoid is huge and won't clear the header...kinda ironic since it's a mini-starter. -Romy
  3. Yeah, I'm going through withdrawl also...this site is good, but it doesn't have the specific forums like v8buick does. Plus, there was just so much info on that site...I so need to get on it...there was somebody who was selling starters that would clear all headers apparently, and the one I got from Powermaster doesn't (which I found out today, much to my dismay.) So that's about to become a post... -Romy
  4. Does anyone know if they'll be fixing it at some point? I went camping for the weekend, came back hoping to check out anything new, etc, and it's still giving me crap. Are they going to be fixing it, or does anybody know anything? -Romy
  5. Hi, hows it going? I have a 70 LeSabre too...actually, two of them...where are you out of? Romy
  6. Hello again, Been a while since I posted (I'm in Kuwait right now *sigh*) but I just had to post something once I saw this thread again. Hows the car coming along? Any new changes or pictures? Out of curiosity, what made you chose a solid rear end instead of a independent rear? Wouldn't an independent rear end give you better handling? Just curious. Well, back to hot weather, and crappy tent city! Romy err...Spc Frederick <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  7. Hello, I'm not sure if you're the same guy from the ebay listing or not...but could you please email me pictures of the car. Thanks, Romy
  8. Well, hello all. I'm a member of the IL National Guard and my happy *** has just been activated. I leave bright and early tomorrow (1/31) at 7am. I get to go fight a war for a rich oil boy who's pissed because his daddy was insulted and this is his bs answer to a bad economy and general not-to-good stuff in the post 9-11 America. Oh well, just thought I'd inform you all. My Buicks are completely **** due to this which is a part of my anger. I just got my 455 back (554lb of tq @ 2750, 431hp @ 3750) and now it needs to go into the car. That was going to happen next week. Oops, not now. N
  9. Joe, What color is the car? For that matter, how many miles, how many doors, and what else will it need for sure besides a front fender? What motor does it have in it? What options? Can you attach a pic? Thanks, Romy
  10. Yeah!! They had the exact same thing for Rogue Squadron on the N64...the 69 (Electra if I remember right) is fast as hell, and just about the best thing you can get. Man, I had forgotten about that! You know some designer is a Buick guy! <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
  11. I'd read somewhere that the tri-shield was first introduced in 1959 representing the Electra, Invicta, and LeSabre. And 59 being the first year for all three of those models, that's when I'd assume the tri-shield came to be. I believe I read that on the official Buick website a while back, but I'm not positive anymore. I do definately remember what the tri-shield represented though. Kinda funny only the LeSabre survives today. The Invicta sure died out quick. Romy
  12. Oh, now that's spiffy! I'd eventually like to do what you're doing to a 70 Wildcat...first I have to get one, but whatever...minor details. I'm very interested in what you're doing with the suspension. I have a 70 LeSabre 455 that handles ok (for a boat <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />) but I'd like it to handle more like a...what was it you refered to?...ah yes, a Ferrari F-50. That would be so cool. Please keep informing us all of your progress, as it's very cool that someone is doing this to a full sized car. If you have any more pics
  13. Ok, first I will say that I am not the one selling these, but I found them in a car ad magazine from a few months ago --- meaning they may not still be there. Anyhow, the place selling them is called City Auto Sales in Waukegan IL and their phone number is (847) 623-1700. They have advertised: 1947 Buick Super 2 dr. Sedan for 2995. It looks nice...has a split (not cracked) front windshield. and 1958 Buick Special 4 dr. Sedan that apparently has very little rust but needs a front drivers window. They want 4995 for that one. I just thought I'd throw these up here in case somebody was looking
  14. Calvin, The Wildcat and LeSabre are the same thing with different trim; what fits on one, fits on the other. The Poston Enterprises headers fit as far as I can guess (their catalogue says it fits the Estate Wagon, which is the same car in wagon form.) Why not just take the body mounts off your LeSabre parts car? Romy
  15. Calvin, I haven't been able to find any sort of reproduction panels for the Wildcat/LeSabre, and I've looked around quite a bit. If I were you, try to find a parts car that has a good trunkfloor and grab it (yeah, I know, not as easy as it sounds.) I think that a 69-70 Pontiac Catalina (I'm pretty sure that's the right model) and a 69-70 Olds Delta 88 (Again, pretty sure) will have the same trunk floor minus the positions of the body mounts. I had the same problem, but I just got a whole new trunk/rockers/lower quarter panels to fix mine. Go to www.fremansauto.com if you're interested in th
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