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  1. Geoff Meador

    Prices for compressor AND condenser?

    Got the report from the dealer that diagnosed the problem yesterday evening. The system had zero freon when they got it, so they put a pound in and started looking for leaks. Found resulting "oily spots" (?) on both the condenser and compressor, and said they both needed to be replaced. For warranty purposes I'd need to replace the accumulator also. They emptied out the system again (since the one pound would've leaked out eventually anyway) so there is no pressure in the system. If I just get a "good" condenser and compressor (thanks as always, Jim Finn), how much of a job is replacing those for someone competent with a nut driver and a wrench?
  2. Geoff Meador

    Prices for compressor AND condenser?

    Thanks again for everyone's help so far. So, about CONVERSION ... Replacing the compressor anyway, and, it seems, the evaporator, condenser, and oriface, is there anything else involved with converting? I've never considered the R-134 conversion in the past due to cost, but would it be about the same price (or cheaper, even?) to convert rather than replace R-12 parts? If I convert at this point, is it simply a matter of replacing current model compressor, condenser, evaporator and oriface with comparable R-134 part nos?
  3. Geoff Meador

    Prices for compressor AND condenser?

    Thanks so far ... local shop says "accumulator and orifice need to be replaced at the same time as the condenser and compressor." True? Not necessary?
  4. Geoff Meador

    Prices for compressor AND condenser?

    Hello everyone. To make a long story short, I sold my Reatta several months ago due to a sudden flurry of job changes and computer crashes ... life happens, and I apologize to anyone "left hanging" by my sudden departure from the hobby (they know who they are). I've gotten things back in order, and am in fact eyeing the 1988 Reatta that used to be mine for repurchase ... but its A/C system needs both a compressor and a condenser. Can't be without them in Texas. <span style="font-weight: bold">Local dealer has given me the total installed price for both units (remanufactured) as $1165 + tax. Need opinions from anyone with experience in such things.</span> If that's the "buy-in" price, I might not be back as soon as I had hoped (car is flawless otherwise). Thanks in advance.
  5. Geoff Meador

    color CRT

    Well, my first thought was to wire it pin-by-pin into a 4" Hercules monitor I have here at the house. Hercules is a monochrome CRT much like what appears to be in the Reatta. I haven't even gotten as far as finding the appropriate wires in the CRT module yet, though, so I can't offer much input at the moment.
  6. Geoff Meador

    color CRT

    I had a pet project that went by the wayside when other things started falling apart on our Reatta. I intended to find out the specifics of the video signal received by the CRT itself. Theoretically, compatible monitors (in different colors) might be adaptible ... maybe even an LCD instead of the tube. Maybe someday I'll get to it, or someone else will first ...
  7. Geoff Meador

    1988 question

    VIN 901763 1. Shift knob is black (leather?) 2. I have a VIN/Serial Number sticker in the leftmost cavity above the Manual Release diagram, but I assume that's not what you are referring to. It is 15 degrees outside right now and too cold to check the tire cavity! 3. No 16-way seats.
  8. Geoff Meador

    New headlight motors installed...I think.

    <span style="font-style: italic">"If you're over 60 (50, 40?)"</span> Make that "over 20." A spry young fellow like myself can still not stand up after hunching over those for a few minutes.
  9. Geoff Meador

    CD-R's in player?

    Count yourself lucky if <span style="font-style: italic">any</span> CD player from the early 1990s will play CD-R media. These players were still in the early stages of the technology and they adhered to incredibly strict standards of what a CD should be when placed under a laser. Later CD players (such as the 1995 model in your Riviera) were programmed to cope with more variance. This was not due to the arrival of CD-Rs (they were still a few years away from mainstream) but the arrival of other CD technologies such as EnhancedCD or CD+G that people might try to put in their CD players. Many CD players from 1995 or later happen to work with CD-Rs in the AudioCD format. Most new players explicitly support CD-R media. But very few, if any, players from the late 1980s or early 1990s will work reliably with CD-Rs. Hope that answers your question.
  10. Geoff Meador

    Scarier Halloween Tale!

    My wife is a claims adjuster for an insurance company that uses Guardian. She has mentioned in the past that the Reatta windshield is terribly expensive (as in "you'd better not break it") and compares price-wise with some exotic import models in terms of windshield replacement. Count yourself blessed that the price didn't total an "old car" like the Reatta. I'll have her check on what type of glass they use.
  11. Geoff Meador

    personalized plates

    My blue/blue 1988 has the Texas plate "<span style="font-weight: bold">[color:"blue"]BLUICK</span>." Might be of interest to someone in another state.
  12. Geoff Meador

    AC low pressure warning

    I had exactly the same issue with my '88. Although I haven't fixed it, I am positive it is a worn pressure sensor (that is so borderline it is affected by ambient temperature to the point of malfunctioning). It started this summer and I had the refrigerant checked by 5 different service centers, all of whom said "no leaks" and "full." Anyway, I quickly formed the habit of turning the A/C off at night. That way, it is not on in the morning (don't need cooling at 67 degrees anyway) and when it warms up it is safe to turn on. Eventually, the A/C compressor will disengage and you'll have to disconnect the battery cable to get it back online. I plan to have the sensor replaced this fall, if it is available (haven't checked yet).
  13. Geoff Meador

    Another plea for electrical advice ... arrgggh!

    Unbelievable! My father-in-law drove the car today for three hours and it performed perfectly. The difference? He has a like-new, freshly ground ignition key with no other keys on the ring. My guess is that we have a short in the ignition that is aggravated by either our worn original keys or the other keys adding weight to our keyring. The car continues to run but the BCM doesn't know what position the ignition is in, maybe? That would explain the "number of starts" staying at zero most of the time. Maybe? <img src="" alt="" /> Has this been documented before?
  14. Geoff Meador

    Is my interior blue or grey?

    As a fellow graphic designer with a blue interior, I can tell you the "blue" interior is VERY blue. Dash and trim are a bold, bright blue and the seats are a darker, rich blue. If you can't tell if it is blue, then it is gray <img src="" alt="" />
  15. Geoff Meador

    Another plea for electrical advice ... arrgggh!

    Well, so it continues: I swapped the BCM today with a genuine Jim Finn® replacement part. Same problem occured immediately. So it isn't the BCM. Failure occurred, remedied itself, and occurred again while sitting motionless in the driveway so I know it isn't a loose wire getting jostled on the road. Any further suggestions? My ears are wide open.