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  1. Hi Everyone I am hoping someone has a 1970 Fisher Service Manual and can take a picture of a page for me. Looking for the wire assignment for the power seat switch (example attached.) Mine is a 1966 Toronado "E" body with a 6-way power seat. The complete unit has failed and I was able to acquire a unit from a 1970 Eldorado. It works with the wiring and switch the seller included. However the wiring and switch are slightly different from the 1966 Toronado and I am attempting to get the Eldorado unit to work with the Toronado switch. One difference is the large orange wire th
  2. Found one. For the archives-1970 Camaro, 69-70 Wildcat, Impala, Catalina & Cadillac used the same GM # 993904 kit.
  3. Thanks for trying Chris. The more eyes the better. Have a Merry Christmas & New Years. Dave
  4. Thanks Chris I'll check in with you on the 20th. I appreciate your help. Dave
  5. Thank you hursst. I'll check this message board on Sunday, 12/15/19 for your message.
  6. Hi Everyone I'm looking for the rear defogger grill for a 1969 Impala. Research shows GM B-Body cars are candidates as long as they have vent # 1231119 as pictured. 1969 & 70 Caprice will not work. The GM accessory kit # 993904 is what I have. It did not come with the grill so I'm not sure if it is plastic or metal. If you have one you would like to sell & ship, please email me at: eaglenst27@earthlink.net Thank you.
  7. Looking for Carb # 7027131 for a 1967 Toronado. Must be complete and no warpage in bottom plate. Rebuilt or rebuilable. Reasonable price. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys doing a rush job on my 67' Toronado and have the parts stores confussed. Would anyone know the inside diameter of the inner & outer boots? Also what is the socket size for the axle nut? These would be a great help. Thanks alot. Streets/Dave
  9. Hi Again Joe, thanks for the quick reply. It started out as an Autozone off the shelf rebuild for about $250. When I found out there was a problem, I sent it into a professional rebuilder in Phoenix, another $150. After the head gasket fiasco and the fuel pump problems resolved I am know in Illinois with no recourse I would agree the choke and primary rods would have been the problem, but I had a friend of mine send them to me off a stock Toro. They were a little longer than the Autozone rebuild.It runs a tad better, but no where like it should. Oh yea, another issue is this carb has no number
  10. Hi Guy's It's been a while since I posted due too replacing the heads (ordered from afar,) gaskets and fuel pump, I am ready to get her back on the road, but need your expert opinions. Mine is an original 1966 425 cu. in. 375 HP with a 4-barrel Quadrajet. Been there & done that on the rebuild (twice.) Idles great, but absolutley "No Power. :mad: I have tried AFB's & Holleys, unfortunately they would not clear the hood (adapters) and admit I have no idea how many CFMs it takes to run it right (Guessing 700 :confused: Being very close, please give me some suggestions that have worked fo
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