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  1. I'm interested in a 1956 Patrician fairly close to home (I'm in Waco, Texas). I don't want to deal with shipping or flying someplace to have a look at it. If you have one in the Dallas/Houston/San Antonio/East Texas/near west Texas area and are thinking about parting with it, please let me know. Ideally, I'd like to find one that is in about #3 or #4 condition that can be maintained or improved but I would consider a nicer one if the price was fair. I might still be interested if it's a 'postponed' restoration attempt or basket case. Even if it needs overall paint or less-than-major (I hesitate to say minor) bodywork. Missing or non-functioning driveline is not a problem either. I'm mostly interested in a car with a fair to good interior and chrome and good glass. I acquired a pair of 56 Patrician parts cars this year so I'm thinking of putting them to good use. Dave Knight (254) 315-6900
  2. These have to be the stupidest looking things out there! And for 48.95? What's the other $48.94 for??? I'm all for accessories but I just don't see the point here. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Packard-C...sspagenameZWDVW
  3. For Sale. 5642-2755. Blue and white with black interior. Needs paint and upholstery. Rockers and passenger side front floor will need work but otherwise not rusty and very straight. Good trunk and front fenders. Runs and drives great. Lever type Ultramatic works and shifts well. Clean fluid and pan/screen. Very good taillight housings. Comes with three extra Ultramatics, one disassembled, one like it came out, and one was rebuilt but has some issue. Needs side glasses in front and windshield has one bull's eye. Very complete car. Car is in Waco, Texas. Dave (254) 752-5015.
  4. There is a nicely restored Pierce Arrow trailer from the 30's in the J. B. Nethercutt museum near Los Angeles so they might have some additional information about that one too in their library. The whole museum is fantastic.
  5. I ordered both the vinyl and the mylar insert material from SMS back in the spring. While it does not match the original perfectly it is still an excellent substitution and appears to be of very high quality. I had planned to use an NOS rear seat cover along with the rest of the SMS material but I will likely use the SMS fabric throughout because of the subtle difference.
  6. The tank on my 56 Clipper had a similar problem. Apparently deposits collect in the bend of that tube that goes into the tank. The shop ended up cutting a hole in the tank to be able to unplug the tube from the other side and then welded it up. It's been fine for years like that now.
  7. I think I have 7 that are fine and one that may not be. They are all still on the rods. Interested? Offer?
  8. RO. What was the address for that building? I had heard that there was another Barnett Motors in Florence and I even went to the library while I was at UNA to look in the archives to find an address but never had any luck. As for the location in Lawrenceburg and the auction, all I found as far as 55-56 parts was a few push rods, an NOS intake gasket set, an Ultramatic "CV" joint repair kit, and a manual brake master cylinder (which I will install on my 56 Clipper). I ended up buying several boxes of the other Packard parts and sold them at the Salado meet last April here in Texas so they were reditributed to some people who could use them. It was mostly all odds and ends for 30s through early 50s cars.
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    Posted Photo's

    I viewed your site and it really looks like you've got something going there! I see that you are in Waxahachie. I'm just south of you in Waco so come on down for a visit sometime. Do you own any Packards or other old cars?
  10. Has anyone replaced their carpeting recently with a moulded set? If so, where can it be ordered from and how is the quality? I noticed that Kanter listed carpet. Is this moulded? Has anyone had any experience with it?
  11. Just the Clipper Deluxe with non-TL suspension in 1956 has screw in bushings as far as I know. The upper control arm bushings on the rest are the same as early-mid 1970's Ford LTD/Mercury Marquis and I bought mine at Autozone for about 5.00 each in 2003. Perfect fit and I think I listed the part number on 55-56 X-ref. My lower control arm bushings on my 56 Clipper Super HT were just as described. No wear on the inside and ragged on the outside. I never found a replacement bushing for the lower control arms and they would have to have their rivets drilled out and be completely disassembled in order to change them anyway.
  12. dave327

    Slow News Day

    Almost looks like a V8 water pump would bolt on that twelve engine.
  13. dave327

    55-56 Xref

    Borg Warner D104. Rotor for 56 Clipper. Autolite type. Available at O'Reilly's Auto Parts.
  14. Anyone have a very good 1956 front bumper lower half to sell? I also have lots to trade.
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