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  1. Yep... I checked the two vent channels you mentioned, although the one on the right contains the heater fan; when I run the fan, no smell emits, so I think I'mj safe there. The left vent is indeed large enough to accomodate the various critter configurations you described. An earlier poster suggested that a dead skunk would get rid of mouse pee fragrance, and I'm thinking a skunk would fit easily in the left vent if I remove the grill. I'll let you know how that goes. Yeah...four years. When I took it apart, I figured it would be four weeks.
  2. Yes, Mary the daughter drives. It's a little tough to come down too hard on her messy room, given the similar condition of a lot my "areas" (garage, workshop, etc.). Thanks for the tip on the ozone. I've got high hopes for this ozone thing.
  3. Sounds like either the dead skunk solution or the mega-ozone shock treatment would take care of your 17-year-old's room. I haven't decided which to use yet for our own 17-year-old's room. We're afraid to go in there. I think she may have had it land-mined.
  4. My ozone machine should arrive next week... it's a big'un, one of those "shock treatment" kind that you plug in and run for cover. Someone told me not to overdo it, or it'll bleach/fade my car interior and make it rust faster. Well, if it gets rid of the stench, I'm all for it. Convey my thanks to your odor-expert girlfriend. You didn't mention where "down here" is that is home to skunks, but we've got 'em "up here" in Minnesota too. They seem to compete with the raccoons for most road kills.
  5. Reading all the posts generated by my original sad tale of mice and their byproducts, I've now got quite the mix of creatures and/or substances on my mind to keep me awake tonight, including but not limited to mice, mice pee, mice poop, mice nests, mice carcasses, vinegar, cinammon, apples, hunks of leather, charcoal, OdoBan, AtmosKlear, ozone gas generators, methane gas generators (human), skunks (living and/or dead), bleach, chlorine gas, a deer carcass possibly hanging from my radiator, pet store odor killers, spiders, garlic, moldy drippy air conditioners and gosh, the list goes on. When
  6. So what you're saying is that I'm going to have to obtain two dead skunks... one for Drive, and one for Reverse (it's a Dynaflow). Will I need a third one on my lap for Park?
  7. Thanks, T&A, and everyone else too. I've got an ozone generator arriving next week (I'll also use it on musty old farmhouses, which I restore for a living), and will let you know if/when/what works. If nothing works, then that match and gasoline idea will start to make more sense...
  8. Gosh, this is a tough choice... should I load up the car with vinegar, cinammon, scraps of leather or a dead skunk? Maybe all four will do the trick. I'm gonna need a pretty big blender.
  9. As I type this, a bowl of vinegar with cinammon is cooling off in my odiferously challenged Buick. Hey, I'll try anything. Something tells me, though, that it's gonna take a lot more than this. I'm sure I'll have to keep pulling apart the inside of my car in search of more Mouse Hotels.
  10. I have only myself to blame, but after four years in storage, my '53 Buick Super reeks of mouse pee. It's been a challenge finding all the nooks and crannies where these guys hung out, and I've taken apart everything I've dared to, shopvac'd, shampoo'd and sprayed/brushed with OdoBan (available at Sam's Club). The car still reeks. My next stunt will be an ozone generator. Other stunts I've heard of that are supposed to banish the odors include vinegar, Febreeze, charcoal and garlic...I haven't tried these, and don't want to until someone tells me they'll work. I suspect, however, that I haven'
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