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  1. Not necessarily "rare" but very desirable. Known as the N-25 option for 1971 and 1972 (72's had the rubber around the taillights and holes through the bumper to bolt that rubber on). Not standard but, like I said, optional.
  2. I agree will Bill above. Way too many mods; Instrument cluster, front mount intercooler, shifter, etc. If you want maximum price, you need to return to completely stock. This may bring $10,000 in current state. I would move it back to stock configuration and then price it at your asking price.
  3. You are correct...Skyhawk was V6 only from 1975 through 1980 model years.
  4. It's a case of mom and dad wanting the comfort of cloth and the kids getting the vinyl for longevity.
  5. There were several years, across different generations of Buick wagons, wherein the cloth front seat was offered along with a vinyl rear seat(s).
  6. Don't believe so, Bill. Tow package was mainly suspension, gears, cooling type stuff.
  7. And to add to Adam's comments, there really was no performance increase from a B4B manifold other than the weight saving over an iron intake.
  8. With all due respect, I have to disagree a little Larry. The current BOD did just recently approve a Performance Division that allows racing with insurance. While that is not everyone's "cup of tea", it will bring more members into the club, members that pay dues and make the entire group stronger with diversified ideas and goals (and PEOPLE). Take my word for it, a race car is defiantly NOT a show car. I'm one of those young whipper-snapper guys that likes those sporty cars (I'll be 60 my next birthday) but I think all current BCA members will never find a better group of people than the racers. I believe nearly all really appreciate a beautiful automobile, be it 10 or 100 years old.
  9. Tell her to just to keep me in mind....I'm patient. The chrome around the grille opening is a decal, much like your lower grille openings. Mine is missing the lower decals (could not find them....and that was several years ago). The upper grille is a NOS decal I found over 15 years ago. Made of unobtanium...
  10. where you're ready to sell, let me know...i'm interested!
  11. Beautiful 'Hawk. get rid of those afteraftermarket wires and put on the correct hubcaps. You're also missing the chrome trim around the upper grille opening..... Love these cars!!!!
  12. Now, aren't y'all glad you asked?? ;-)
  13. Judging by the trees in the background, this one has been sitting around for a long time, at least more than 6 months. The dealer that has it is located in west central Ohio, just north of Dayton on I-75. The ad does say it needs a complete restoration.
  14. Proper cap for a 49 state emission 1970 A-Body is NOT-vented.
  15. 12,000 ft lbs???? How do you keep rear ends in it?
  16. WOW!! Would you look at that! Elvis is from Ohio!! How can I tell, you ask? Why, he has a little "O" under his tail!!
  17. There is a reason for this, you know....Too big and you can see too much.
  18. That is someone with too much time and a sawsall.....
  19. My Mom had an identical '56 Super...lots of memories came welling up seeing that. Wish I were there to speak with the owner.
  20. Interesting choice of least it's a Buick. Modern seats too.
  21. Shouldn't this be in "Photos of Buick's I DON'T like"?
  22. Roberta, Per your post on , you stated the following: As said in way previous posts, there is no such thing as a Stage 3 block, I think the engine in the Blackhawk may have the TA Stage 3 heads on it as they tried to make it all out Buick, but didn't have the right components with the right techs to do the job, as "The Old Guy" said, we were there, and know the details, as do several others. The car has been reworked and if you look at the pics from Richmond, compared to the pics before it went to NM,you can see a great deal of work was done on cleaning up the engine compartment etc. The car doesn't get a great deal of on the road or racing action, but basically out of the Reliable Trailer out to the shows and back in the trailer. It's a show car, and that's all it will ever be, and hopefully will be for a long time. Maybe Buick/GM will take it in as something that could be a production car or at least a clone of a production car someday.Like this??? Roberta BPG# 1018, BCA #16798, GSCA #2598 Director -Michigan Buick Performance Club '68 GS350,4-sp, '68 GS400, 4-sp, Convt, P/S, 14.269 ET, 97.79 MPH, '70 GSX Stage 1, #14, 12.99 ET, 104MPH, Concours Gold Award in 2011 GS Nats, '70 Skylark Race Car - Broke, '86 GN, 14,853 miles, Senior Preservation Award in 2013 BCA Nats Show! '99 Buick Riviera Silver Arrow #12, 228K miles I was mistaken on Mike T at TA Performance building the engine, but TA Performance did supply many of the parts used.
  23. LOL! At least we can all laugh about it! And Dave, I was meaning you as to starting it all..LOL!! Have a good day, my friends.
  24. He started it!! Use your magic wand, Mr. Earl and prune this thread. If I had the wand, I would. Thank you for your patience.
  25. I have no personal knowledge of this particular car but have heard about it several times. It has been touted as a "Bobby Labonte" edition where in it was sold through his dealership back in the day. See: for a thread on this particular car and postings from the (then) owner.