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  1. Cousin Ajesh (long story...) is THE man. I have never been to a better show. This show is a MUST SEE!!!!
  2. And replaced the drivers side low beam...looks to be dark and either blown or about to go.
  3. I would not want my first attempt at installing a new top to be on any 1971-76 GM full size. Many seasoned upholsters refuse to do them as they are quite difficult.
  4. I don't believe this is a green interior. If you look at different photos, there is evidence of a Saddle color interior. When Saddle fades from UV exposure, it takes on a green cast which would lead to confusion. I have seen this many times with this color interior.
  5. There is no chain inside of the supercharger. It is driven by a belt off the front of the engine and not a chain. There are gears inside the nose of the supercharger and they are probably what were rattling. As with anything mechanical, maintenance needs to be performed on a timely basis and the supercharger oil needs changed every so often. It involves using a turkey baster to suck out the old oil and using the special GM oil (two small bottles) to replenish. I have 3 supercharged V6's (95 Riv, 98 Riv and a 99 PA Ultra) and personally would not be afraid of one. After all, they are a Buick. If the rattle becomes too much, the nose of the supercharger can be changed out. There are companies out there that specialize in the Buick superchargers and have parts available up to and including complete units. Again, I would not let the supercharger scare me off a car that you were interested in.
  6. Found the info for you Earl. First, the "L" denoting the NON-supercharged V6 is the 8th digit in the VIN, not the last digit. Beginning with the 1992 model year, the Ultra's came standard with the supercharged V6. Only the base model Park Avenue had the non-supercharged engine from then on.
  7. I honestly don't know Earl. Foggy memory seems to tell me at some point the supercharger became standard on the Ultra's. When exactly that happened, I don't know. I will continue to look and try to find out for you.
  8. Barney, read the article in the link I provided above. It notes this was a very late change with only 500 examples produced.
  9. The supercharged engine was a late addition to the 1991 model year Ultra's. Here's an article that discusses the late availability of the supercharged V6.
  10. I will caution you that this is only for verifying 1991 model year PA Ultra's. I do know in later years the supercharged V6 became standard, when that occurred I am not positive of. Glad to hear your wife is well enough to travel some. Good news is always happy news.
  11. 8th digit of the VIN is the engine code. "L" is the non-supercharged 3.8 V6.
  12. Just as a FYI, at least in 1991 the supercharged engine was optional in the Ultra....I have one (~20,000 miles) without the supercharged engine.
  13. Can I get an AMEN!!?? Thank you Roberta.
  14. I've been driving my Skyhawk pretty much all week to work and around. Fun little car that brings back tons of memories as I had one, almost exactly like this one, as a young adult.
  15. Adam, you need's the much more beautiful 1972 model year big Buick. ?
  16. If not this one, one identical to it, passed by me yesterday (July 3, 2018) near Columbus. Sitting on the top rack of the car hauler in the middle. Nice looking car!
  17. Well, the first thing I would do is have your Quadrajet rebuilt and install that carb in place of the Edelbrock. You must remember the days of early pollution controls were not good for performance. Rebuild the engine with a higher compression, change to a more aggressive camshaft, change the rear gear ratio are all things that help performance.
  18. Posts such as this have chased us all away. My sons are 27 and 30 respectively. One is a BCA member, one flatly refuses. Both enjoy the performance aspect of Buick's but also like to judge and be judged and their level of knowledge will surprise many. The BCA WILL die unless the aging membership is replaced and the replacements have almost zero interest in built before their father was born (1958 to answer the question). Yes, I have judged and yes I have attended a national meet, the last being at South Bend. I have not been able to attend since do to work and family commitments. Both of my sons have assisted me in judging and enjoy that aspect of a meet. Read into this what you want. I will not comment again in this thread.
  19. Yes, that is the switch to downshift the transmission into second gear or "passing" gear.
  20. Some of the guys on the Station Wagon forum I'm sure will be asking if you must be a BCA member to participate. Do normal BCA rules regarding this apply or are all welcome, even non-BCA persons? Thanks!
  21. I am positive of this. I judge these cars in concours level shows. The one in your car may have been modified to work but they were used as I stated above by the factory.
  22. It's not an overflow but rather the windshield washer fluid reservoir as I stated above. 1970 California emission and all 1971-72 Buick A-Body. It will not work as a radiator overflow reservoir.
  23. SMS should be able to help you prepared for a HUGE bill from them. Not cheap but it will be excellent.
  24. Really guys? Very much tongue in cheek. If YOUR high beams are on, you may get a quick flash WITHOUT the driving/spots (they were on a separate switch). I live in the sticks where deer/etc are a very real threat. You need all the light possible for when zero traffic is around (trailing a car or a car approaching). Jeesh.