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  1. Just so you know Derek, those are correct wheels AND hubcaps for your Skyhawk. They are a very good facsimile of an aluminum wheel, but are made of plastic. I'm sure you already knew this but just wanted to make sure. And I agree, they will very much enhance the appearance of your "hawk with the correct wheel option.
  2. Nice looking pup! BTW, those rocker covers add 20 hp it is said.... 😎
  3. And, to add to Adam's post above, the 1970 455 Stage 1, the top dog of performance Buick's, came stock with a 750 CFM Quadrajet. I do not believe you need "more carb". You need to get the proper carb for your application, tuned by one of the experts above, AFTER you get your timing sorted out. You must also define your goals. If you're looking to run 12 second quarter miles, you have the wrong car. Only very few people have succeeded in making a late 60's Riv run that fast and, to a degree, they gave up a lot of street manners in the process. There is no famous "F" head in Buick's, you're thinking of Oldsmobiles. Buicks had the large valve heads (Stage 1's) but there is no way to identify them externally as they carry the same part number as standard heads. So, what do you want from your Buick?
  4. Somehow, I don't think he's dreaming of Hurst shifters...
  5. Walmart carries the Milestar brand. I am running these on my Skyhawk and they work fine. See: 13" tire&veh=sem&msclkid=6255c4c961a814b4d0a9981b4808bcd6
  6. Sounds like a spun rod and/or main bearing. Sorry this happened Baker1.
  7. Sorry Lamar, I was out of town until today and didn't see your reply. Thanks for the help Sean!
  8. Yep. The middle son and I took our 1975 Skyhawk from Marysville, Oh to Ft Wayne, In to pickup some Grand National wheels. Averaged 25 MPG @ 75 mph. Not too bad for a early carb'd V6 at that speed (3000 rpm, btw). Ran flawlessly the entire way!
  9. Why do they always just have had throat surgery?
  10. Simply no. I am a mod on several forums and see nothing but never-ending moderation for you and others. Leave it be.
  11. I have not received my April Bugle either.
  12. Lamar, as I posted elsewhere, you have done an excellent job in the position. You should be proud of your accomplishments. I completely understand the position of "Mod" and can say, you set the standard for others to follow. Enjoy your new-found freedom, live life to the fullest, and HAVE FUN! Let the troublemakers slide off your shoulders and they will bury themselves. I've seen it time and time again. Take care, my friend.
  13. Vaseline is the preferred method of priming a Buick oil pump...even says so in the repair guides.
  14. Well, if no bowling ball, have you yet received a boy with a bat yet??
  15. Given the close proximity of our member numbers ( I'm #10449), it will come as no surprise I have that exact same voucher. I joined fall of 1980 at the BCA Regional meet in Columbus. Mike Book was my sponsor.
  16. No Matt, I'm not joking. I've been a member of BCA since 1980 and can say, quite honestly, there have been only a handful of people that ever made me feel welcome. I have been told, to my face, that those "sporty cars" have no place in the BCA multiple times, that my car is a fake "custom" vehicle and that Buick would have never built such a thing. I can go on and on. Just not worth it anymore. I can completely understand how you feel after being shunned by the CCCA. And you can understand my feelings from receiving the treatment I have from some BCA members.
  17. You laugh about the urinal, but if you are seeing "American Standard" is the name brand, you are, in fact, peeing into a Buick. Historical fact, David D. Buick sold his porcelain process to the Standard Manufacturing Company and they were acquired by the American Manufacturing company, thus becoming the American Standard Manufacturing Company. So, if in fact, you are using the facility as intended, and notice an American Standard trademark on top, you're in fact peeing into a Buick. Look it up, it's true.
  18. Haha!! You ought to own one of those "sporty" cars!!! Talk about the red headed step child......
  19. Don't know about the seat foam, but yours is a "B" body along with the LeSabre if I'm not mistaken. C bodies were the Electra's and A bodies were the Special/Skylark cars that year.
  20. FYI: LKQ = Like Kind and Quality. Common term in the auto insurance world...
  21. Denny Manner, the Father of the 455, said anything over 0 (zero) is fine at idle. Most performance builders shoot for 10psi per 1000.