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  1. You should have been at the GSX Reunion. A sea of yellow, white and a few other colors. Nobody could find their car. I sat back and laughed all day!
  2. I concur. I would strongly advise you to use what you have now, so long as it is correct for your application. The biggest mistakes people make is: 1) using an aftermarket part when the OEM part was designed by people that actually know what they are doing ( ie-Holley vs Quadrajet) and buying a rebuilt part from a giant wholesaler (Auto Zone comes to mind) that was rebuilt using a mishmash of wrong parts. Lamar, the three rebuilders you listed will all do an excellent job for you.
  3. Might I suggest a Quadrajet specialist? I've used Mark Northcut at Quadrajet Power for 4 rebuilds so far. . Great guy and a Buick owner!
  4. Kinda like those Pontiac's of the mid-80's, the 6000's? First time I saw one the LE model's name badge read GOOOLE to me...
  5. Here's a link to the, somewhat correct, hubcaps you need. They are missing the center medallion, but those can be found. $25 a pop. Worth a look!
  6. Sadly I had to cover them up with metal. They were turning to powder and not keeping any weather out at all. I was afraid a gust of wind would blow down the building, so made the tough decision. The barn is over 100 years old (about 130, we're guessing) and those are the original board siding.
  7. Here's my 75. Same color and most options as my first one had. 4 speed too!
  8. There are a few forums for H bodies (Vega/Astre) and H-Special bodies (Skyhawk/Starfire/Monza/Sunbird) and several Facebook pages also. The Facebook pages seem to be more active and forums such as this one or The first couple of years Skyhawks were produced in Ste Therese but production shifted to Lordstown, OH which was recently closed. Ste Therese was closed and torn down several years ago and the site redeveloped. As far as remaining Skyhawks, not many. I searched for 3 years for mine but I had narrowed my search to the first model year, 1975, to bring back memories of my first car, a 1975 Skyhawk. Most turned to dust as the tin worm ate them up. Rust was a pretty severe problem for them as it was for many vehicle's built in the 1970's.
  9. If the women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy.....
  10. A Red Green handyman’s special.
  11. I had one....1981 Skylark 2dr v6. Total piece of crap that should have never been released.
  12. Excellent news!!!!! Those caps are few and far between as are most things Skyhawk. Well worth going back that direction.
  13. This one looks better than what you have. Could probably remove the wording stickers, paint it and be back to "normal".
  14. You may want to contact Clyde Biagi. He's big in the H-special world and may have or have a lead on a replacement fuel cap. You can find him on Facebook by searching his name. Good guy.
  15. The biggest issue with a dual exhaust is procuring a double hump transmission crossmember.
  16. And a mid rare steak. They will pay for that today.
  17. I personally would not use any type of furniture polish. Absolute best thing to use is 303 Protectant. Find on Amazon ( ) or any RV store/Walmart will carry. It is specifically made for vinyl decals like used in the RV industry and contains UV inhibitors.
  18. Judging by your temperature gauge, I would not push it beyond your indicated speed. You may want to consider overhauling the cooling system at some point in the near future. Have fun!
  19. One of the neat things about them is that to install on the steel wheel, the easiest way is to grasp the center chrome hub, line up the lug nuts and valve and just push it on.
  20. They are plastic hubcaps made to replicate aluminum wheels. They looks great and gives the era, function beautifully. They clip onto the steel wheel just like any other full wheel cover.
  21. Any other numbers on the module? The second set of numbers you posted above look like date codes (year, month, day).
  22. No, they are hubcaps. Plastic hubcaps made to look like aluminum wheels and yes, they are placed over a plain steel wheel. I've had Skyhawks for years and pretty much know them upside down and sideways. GM never made this style (for Skyhawks) in anything other than plastic full wheel cover. Added in edit: If you look closely, you can see where the tire valve goes through the plastic.
  23. A Buick distributor for a 350 will also fit into any BBB with a simple gear change. My suggestion to you is still get a reputable carb rebuilder to get your carb situation in order and also get a distributor from TA performance that is already a HEI unit and properly curved and install both. Quit chasing your tail and stop trying to figure out what the other guy did. With those two suggestions above you will have solved 99% of your issues.