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  1. We have a 1916 4 cyl Oakland model 38 Touring car. Very rough but mostly complete lacking top and uphostery. Surface rust, but nothing through. I don't know if the engine is free or stuck. Asking $3000 or best offer. It is in North Dakota. I can send you more photos if you e-mail me at wes_anderson75@hotmail.com
  2. Hi, we have a 1916 Oakland touring car model 38 with a 4 cylinder Northway engine. It is very rough but mostly complete. Missing the top bows, no upholstery. Surface rust but no through rust. I don't know if the engine if it is free or not...doubt it. Asking $3,000 or best offer. Contact me at wes_anderson75@hotmail.com and I can send you photos. It is in North Dakota.
  3. Looking for a source of #4 Block Chain...the kind used on Early Oldsmobiles. wes_anderson75@hotmail.com
  4. Looking for #4 Block Chain, the kind used on early Oldsmobiles. Link is 1 9/32 X .125 X 17/32: Block is 7/16 X 31/32 X .5 Thanks wes_anderson75@hotmail.com
  5. Actually a number of things. How many of these are left and any idea as to what value this might be? We are having to get them out of where they are stored sooooon and I guess we have to part with them. I would like to see it go to a good home that will restore it properly. It is in rough condition. I am not in the car biz so I really don't know such things. Thanks
  6. Hi, anyone know anything about 1916 Oakands? This is a 4 cyl car.
  7. Hi, wonder what anyone knows about 1932 REO Flying Cloud 6 rumble seat coupes. My father has one that he is considering selling, but no idea what value. It is in rough shape, but mostly there down to the hard to find little parts. I'd hate to see a hot-rodder get hold of it! I'm told it is one of 7 known cars of this kind.
  8. Anyone know if there are kits or patterns available for DB Upholstery? Looking to fit a 1922 Touring Car.
  9. Can anyone tell me who would be able to cut teeth into my Curved Dash Oldsmobile transmission drums? I have two raw castings that need to be machined and have 60 teeth 8 Diam Pitch and 14.5 Pressure angle spur gears for a planetary system. There are two drums...fwd and reverse. This seems to be a lost art.
  10. Hi, I have a 1918 Buick 6 Instruction Book in really nice condition, a few fingerprints on the cover but that's about all, that is looking for a home. I am asking $30. Anyone need it? wes_anderson75@hotmail.com
  11. Yes, those were made up numbers...BUT with one in hand that is LARGE it is AC and the flange number is 9418. the arm says 1523670....I have this one on e-bay now infact selling it blind. THanks Wes
  12. I guess I am wondering if there is a listing that says that #4953 fits on a 1939 Oldsmobile. or that #5689 is for a 1935 Cadillac...etc.etc.etc. Is there such a listing somewhere?
  13. Hi, thanks for your answer. I am sorry I don't have one to your question. It is something that Dad picked up YEARS ago and has no clue anymore. I myself wonder if it is a core that is missing its shell. I am led to this by the fact that there are no sides on the radiator...just fins....though maybe they were for potentially better cooling...in theory? Here is another photo for you. Thanks!
  14. Hi, yes, I have found the numbers but I want to put them on the right car. is there a listing for what car used what pump? I have a couple that are MASSIVE! These are all NOS. I most of them are AC but there are a few that are totally unmarked but look identical to ones marked AC...what's up with this? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am wondering how I would identify vintage fuel pumps. I've come across a bunch of NOS pumps from the 30's and 40's....mostly AC, but don't know what they go to. Is there a listing somewhere according to flange numbers what used what? Thank you Wes_anderson75@hotmail.com