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  1. My instrument cluster went out when I removed the fuse for my cruise control. Turns out that that was the fix. probed, jiggled in that area and dashboard returned. I think it was fuse slot #8, a 3 amp fuse. Hooray!
  2. Thanks Stealthbob for the security tips. In today's hi-tech world, you can't be too careful. joe
  3. My instrument cluster went dark this past winter. (I don't have a garage so it is left out in the cold of the Pa. Pocono mountains) It was fine until I went to check a fuse for the cruise control. I also found that the engine began to run rough at the exact same time. In searching old posts, there was a woman who described the exact same circumstances for her instrument cluster going out (fixing a cruise control fuse). Any ideas/suggestions as to cause/cure? BCM gone south? Relation of rough running engine? Coincidence of 2 clusters going bad when checking cruise control fuse? Any help is appreciated. joe
  4. Live and learn. It looks great in white. Very nice goat.
  5. Thought that you had a Judge. Thought that they were all in orange. That's what I get for thinking.
  6. Thank you for responses. I think I should first try Kevin's sugesstions . . . when the weather warms up. joek
  7. My instrument panel and gauges do not light. The security light flashes normally but the instrument panel is not displaying anything else. Immediately prior to the lights going out, I had pulled the fuse for the cruise control as it had not been operating. That fuse was ok but it was then that I noticed that the instrument panel was not functioning. Any relation between pulling the fuse and the panel lights going out ? Any suggestions as to restoring lights? joek
  8. Try Pep Boys. Thats where I got mine a year or so ago.
  9. Great link, interesting history.
  10. Why did you sell? Impracticality of a very small 2 seater? I know it was not due to being under powered. joe
  11. I find the date range language very confusing. "newer than, older than". It is counter-intuitive to me. I'm never sure which date category to choose or if to choose both. I don't use it often enogh to remember which to choose from one time to the next even after I've been informed . . .counter intuitive to me.
  12. <span style="font-weight: bold">"Alright, continue to believe all the crap you read in the paper,or hear on tv/radio, or internet, but the end of GM is the end of life as we all know it in this country, from the gas station clerk to the big buck store, to our friends and co-workers, they all will be affected. This is your last warning EDBSO! This one hit the NERVE! Thread CLOSED>"</span> Roger, I would agree in theory with what you posted but the above was posted by the web moderator, who after expressing her opinions, closed the thread.joe
  13. Not sure why the thread "bad EDBSO" was closed. Opinions were expressed in a very civil manner. What gives? You may not agree, but the author has the right to express his opinions IMHO. Seems like uncalled for censorship. Joe