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  1. I'm seeking a correct, vintage radio for my 1931 Lincoln K (V-8). Lincons did not have built-in radios until 1934, so any aftermarket would be ok. I would prefer a Philco Transitone, with a tuner that mounts on the steering column (the tuner is shaped like a cathedral radio). Must be complete. Thanks.

  2. I am seeking a Philco radio for my 1931 Lincoln. The unit I'm seeking has a tuner shaped like a cathedral radio that mounts on the steering column. The radio mounts on the car's firewall. Do you have something like this? Perhaps another make would work, but I don't want a cheap radio.

  3. The ninth annual Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles will be held on September 13-14, 2003, at historic Glenmoor Country Club in Canton, OH. This is an invitation-only event and includes 10 nationally-known automobile artists, including painter [color:"green"] Tom Hale, who produced the show poster. There's still room for high-grade vintage and Classic automobiles. Contact David Schultz, executive director, at (330) 966.3600 or [color:"green"]

  4. Warner Automatic Overdrive Manual for sale, titled "The Overdrive." 16 pages with many photos. Pertains to postwar Overdrive types Warner R-10 and R-11, which were used on these cars: Packard, Lincoln, Ford, Hudosn, Nash, Kaiser, Frazer, Studebaker, Willys and Chevrolet. Appears to be an older, quality reprint. Also included is a Lincoln-Mercury Service Bulletin Vol. 1, No. 1, which deals with overdrive trouble-shooting.

  5. Warner Overdrive Instruction Manual for sale, called "The Overdrive." 16-pages. Many photographs. Pertains to post-war overdrives types R-10 and R-11, as used on Packard, Lincoln, Studebaker, Nash, Mercury, Hudson, Kaiser, Willys, Ford, Frazer and others. Approx. 8 x 10 inches. Appears to be am older, quality reprint. Also includes Vol. 1., No. 1 of Lincoln-Mercury Service News, which deals with overdrive trouble-shooting.