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  1. The Auburns are an interesting one. I'm especially fond of the 35/36 blown variety and my dad has had at least 8 including a few speedsters. Flashy cars with many unique features. However, they seem to me to be more of middle to upper middle class car then cream of the crop. BUT, in the long line of questionable entries - at least they are right in the Classic era. The ones that bug me are the later cars, the caddy, the T&C and the continentals.
  2. Philosophically, I have much less of a problem adding cars that are well within the Classic Era 1928-1938 then going past WWII. The CCCA is as much about the times the cars were made as the cars themselves (at least to me). This is why the halo cars, or the RR or Bentleys of the 1950s do not belong in my opinion.
  3. If you are insinuating that the 32 Ford should be considered a CCCA Classic then what cars would say are NOT CCCA Classics? You make the same argument that all the "open minded" "inclusive" types make which is point out the border line cars or mistakes then compare them to some other car that is a few degree more removed and say what about this one?
  4. Earl, Both are beautiful cars. If they are not already and it was up to me, Buick factory semi-custom bodies on top of the line chassis prior to 1942 would be admitted. How many of those open front town cars did they build? Not many I would imagine. The conv sedan is trickier but I would be inclined to admit it based on it's comparison to the Cadillac. I would see this as minor in the dilution argument - especially when compared with the outright atrocity that the Town and Country admittance is. When you mention great cars after WWII, such as the Halo cars, I have an easy answer. I
  5. See, that's the problem. I don't want a "diverse" CCCA and I don't want the CCCA to to turn into the AACA. Clubs are supposed to be about people with "common" interests not "diverse" interests. Also, West is trying to make the distinction between appreciating a car but at the same time saying it is not appropriate for the club. Many of you don't get that. Of course the ability to understand and appreciate rules and standards seems to be less valued in today's society where "change" and "diversity" are really valued.
  6. You guys are making fast progress. When you get a chance post some more pictures, I'm sure all the forum members will enjoy them. Perhaps a member with a 29 roadster could post pictures of the rear top mounting assembly for you? thanks, A.J.
  7. Hmmmmm, lets say it's a 4 door sedan then it might be worth as little as few thousand dolllars depending on condition. Now let's say it's a conv coupe, now it might be worth 50k dpending on condition. So, an educated answer given the detail you have provided is anywhere from a few thousand dollars to a fifty thousand dollars.
  8. late 30s buick, olds, pontiac is my guess.
  9. +1 Is it just me or do you guys find it weird that in the write ups for the board election nobody made their position clear on the number one issue facing the club right now??? Reminds me of Massachusetts politics.
  10. I believe the plate is on the floor behind the passenger seat. Hollywood Grahams or Hupp Skylarks are very collectible and neat cars. The serial number is also stamped on the right front frame rail on top just forward of the axle. I mention this because it might be easier given the pictures then getting into the back seat.
  11. Fred was a great guy and as generous as could be with his time and knowledge (which was vast).
  12. Ivan, thanks for correcting me. Obviously 534 is at the beginning of the range - I was not paying attention and was thinking it was 5340.
  13. In the mid to late 1950s my dad looked at and past on all of the following: 1. The Mormon Meteor (for sale at Auburn) 2. A pontoon Lebaron Dual Cowl Packard (for sale in NY) 3. The round door rolls (for sale update NY). All three were priced at $8500.00 which seems to have been the going rate for a really cool car at the time. In 1965 My uncle ted was selling his 39 Mercedes 540k Special Roadster for 7500.00. My dad passed because it leaked oil and gas everywhere and was constantly breaking down (which was why it was being sold in the first place). I've passed a few cars I regret but non
  14. The exact transition for 27 to 28 is not known but I would say 28 BB. All 27 and 28 engine numbers fall between 80001 and 87315.
  15. Use this one: Kozma Auction Services, Inc. of Hemet, California I kind of doubt there was a Duesenberg body there.
  16. Do you really think that someone would chop up a V16?? The original poster gives no details as to where the cars are and who has them. Also, he gives no details as to his intentions. I think all of us read in to these sorts of posts and then the thread goes off in all kinds of directions. This is why I was abrupt in my first response. Most of the time when the original poster has a low post count and they ask a general question about value (this is basically a what's it worth thread in disguise) they are looking to flip the car.
  17. I guess I did sound gruff. Your post felt a bit like a "what's it worth" post which I do find really annoying. If it wasn't that, then I apologize. Here's a better response. The later v16 Caddilac, although no where near as complex as the earlier v16 is not the kind of car you want to jump into trivially. It's one of those cars that is best bought by someone familiar with similar era Cadillacs but has never had a V16. The chrome and interior costs of the restoration alone are astronomical. The V16 it's self is an easier rebuild then the earlier overhead valve engine but not something
  18. Yes. You don't mention if the numbers all match (which if taken literally is very hard to do). A fully documented muscle car (especially Mopar or Chevy) is worth more then a numbers matching but not documented car. But a numbers matching car is definitely worth more then a clone car.
  19. At the risk of sounding gruff, if you have to ask then you shouldn't be doing it.
  20. All right, ignore that. Now they are saying it's a Hispano Suiza. COACHBUILD.com • View topic - Some Million-Guiet Hispano-Suiza
  21. There are no provision for spares in the original photo. If you look at the details, door handle placement, louvers, window shape, drip edge, the cars look identical.
  22. The guys over at COACHBUILD.com - Home figured this out in 15 minutes. It's a 1930 Delage D8 with Million-Guiet body. COACHBUILD.com • View topic - Post any mystery car here This might even be the same car:
  23. Like I said before. What a great car. Andre, perhaps you could give us some of the history? Has it been in your family a long time?
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