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  1. Haha . . . yah . . . you guys are hilarious! I would say your replies are the true example of covid19 boredom!! I happen to be working on my dads 1971 442 after it has been sitting for 20 years. One of the things it needed was fluid added to the convert. top system so the top will go up and down. So I google searched "adding fluid to . . . .". This post came up and I thought "No one really gave a diffinitive answer to the question. And I hadn't posted on this site for a very long time. So I answered the question with the correct answer . . . .no doubts.
  2. This is my Dad's 1971 Oldsmobile 442 convertible. Auto trans fluid is on the original sticker on pump. 👍👍😎
  3. I will get some other pics. These things are very small. Smaller than a Saginaw 3 speed transmission. maybe half as big. I didn't even see a place for a shifter to bolt to. He thought they might be from a really small truck his grandpa had? That is the only description he gave me.
  4. HI, a neighbor near me passed away and his son is trying to figure out what these old transmission looking things are that were in the basement. any ideas?? as well as this ps pump. Is the pump oldsmobile or buick 65 ish?? ford?? Any help appreciated. Thanks. Tim
  5. George, I sent you and email. I have one out of a 68. email me at ratchetmasterman@hotmail.com Edit: I didn't notice you wanted a tilt. Sorry about that. Mine does NOT have tilt. Tim
  6. Interested in radio, 8- track. Can you email me at ratchetmasterman@hotmail.com Thanks
  7. I guess I was not getting emails when posts were made to this thread I no longer have the car but still have many of the parts. 1968 olds. Yes, I have the engine and a 350 trans. Sold the doors. Tim
  8. Hi You emailed me about my engine. I sent a response to you. Now I see it is for a 68 350. Yes, I still have the engine. I sent you my phone #. Give me a call. here it is again. 801-722-5019 Tim ratchetmasterman@hotmail.com
  9. do you have the power door lock actuator solenoids? Particularly the drivers side? email at ratchetmasterman@hotmail.com Thanks Tim
  10. I believe all gm cars in 76 (ok, most) have the 8.5 10 bolt rear, but this olds has a funny cover with a little swoop on top like half of the 12 bolt covers. It has a sway bar, and is a limited slip. I know most here deal with old school stuff but any info appreciated. Thanks Tim ratchetmasterman@hotmail.com
  11. Car was crushed. I kept a few trim pieces and misc. but all body parts are gone.
  12. Joe I have not heard from you. Car will be crushed today. Sorry. Tim
  13. Hi Joe so you want the front spindles and hubs from the drum brake front end?? Just making sure. It is not disc brakes. I'd let you have the spindles for $10 each and the same for the hubs. So $40 plus shipping? Basically just a few bucks to cover the time to pull the parts. I won't charge anything but actual shipping via fedex. Let me know. Tim 801-785-1763 give me a call and we can talk about it tomorrow.
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