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  1. Wonderful collage, thanks for submitting.
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> How about including keyless entry, memory setting for the seats and mirrors for 2 different drivers, and a rear defroster grid on the glass in the convertible top? I'm really surprised that the mirror and window switches aren't illuminated at night, and that at least the drivers window doesn't have an express down feature....anyone else? </div></div> I'm not sure how available in general some of these features were when the car was new. My recollection is that keyl
  3. Use #1156's for the turn signals & #67's for the parking lights (#R5W's should also work for the parking lights).
  4. I'm not sure what you're looking to decipher, but the sequence on TC VIN's is pretty well established. Here's what each letter/number signifies: 1 - Z = Country of Origin (Italy) 2 - C = Chrysler 3 - 2 = Passenger Car 4 - F = Convertible 5 - P = 2.2 Turbo II, R = 2.2 16 Valve "Maserati" Head, S = 3.0 Mitsubishi V-6 6 - 1 = Luxury Car Vehicle Line 7 - 1 = Active Passenger Restraint System (1989), 2 = Passive Passenger Restraint System (1990-91) 8 - 0 = TC Series Designator 9 - 0 through 9 or "X" = Check Digit 10 - K = 1989 Model Year, L = 1990 & 1991 Model Years (all "1991's" were complete
  5. My personal list of features that the TC lacked but that could/ought have been either standard equipment or at least optionally available:<P>Fog/Driving Lamps - This omission is absolutely inexplicable to me in a car of the TC's type & class. I don't thnk there was ever even a prototype that had them.<P>Cupholder - At least one prototype did have this, a dual retractable one mounted in the cubbyhole below the stereo. My guess is that this was deleted in the production version in order to keep that space readily usable for installation by the dealer of the optional CD player.&l
  6. Does anyone know if any TC's started out as daily rentals?
  7. I happened to meet a fellow in a supermarket parking lot this morning who had owned his 1990 since it had 5K on the odometer. He told me that it had been represented to him by the dealer at the time of purchase that the car was a previous daily rental.<P>Were Reattas in fact supplied for this purpose? If so, does anyone have information indicating how many & in which model years, & what was GM's rationale for doing this?
  8. Well, Larry, as long as we're already well off on this tangent to Robert's original inquiry, I concur with your last remarks, although I was not aware that so many windshields had in fact been cached by individual enthusiasts!<P>It so happens that the two TC's of mine with replaced windshields are "daily driver" types. If either had come with the Sicursiv glass intact, one of the first things I would have done was replace it & stow the original against the eventuality of needing it for one of the better cars.<P>As a new part, the Sicursiv sourced TC windshield was pretty dear
  9. Larry, I agree with your comments as regards windshields up to a point. <P>It has always been my understanding that the A-pillar/cowl structure on the TC is the one area of the car that is configured the same as that of the LeBaron, at least in terms of dimensions. Therefore, theoretically, a Lebaron windshield should be interchangable with the original Pentatrident marked Sicursiv brand glass. This is fortunate since it is also my understanding that the supply of the original style windshield has long since dried up. The typical, garden variety used TC is, in my experience, as likel
  10. Two weeks ago this Monday, I had a mid morning pass, honk, & wave encounter with an Exotic Red motoring northbound with the top down through Santa Barbara on US101. The traffic was typical for the area, so she never quite caught up with me again before peeling off towards UCSB. TCA member or not, I obviously can't say. Really no ideal place to pull over in that vicinity to find out (presuming the person would have followed me off the freeway, anyway). I have also chased some TC's on surface streets down, but tha owners have always turned out to belong already. I've left some cards un
  11. It would not appear that this part is interchangable between the two models. The TC molding is Mopar #4483036-7 (right-left), & none of the LeBaron coupe/convertible variants of the equivalent part match up with that listing. Despite superficial similarities between the TC & the 1987 & up LeBaron convertibles, there is actually very little of the latter's body/interior hardware that can be painlessly substituted for original TC spec parts. Notable exceptions are the wheel lugs, windshield, stereo, antenna, & a good portion of the switches, controls, & instruments, + some
  12. Okay, Bob, my bad, I didn't go far enough into that series. Definitely a big difference. Two questions - is this a daily driver, & what brand/model are the wheels?
  13. The two things that detract from the TC's otherwise sporty lines & dimensions are the staid stock wheels & the formal hardtop cum portholes. It's not that this is unattractive per se, & it was probably correct for the TC's targeted market demographic, but the set-up you're describing is, I'm sure, far more agressive in appearance & brings out the latent roadburner look in the TC's styling.<P>I went through your picture album, though, Bob, & didn't spot anything but factory rims. Could you put up a picture of the car in question as now modified?
  14. This is a definitive period in the history of the TC. It is a time when the rate of attrition is going to be at its peak due to a confluence of factors, and the number of cars ulimately surviving will depend much on what sort of equilibrium is established among these sometimes complimentary but often opposing considerations.<P>First of all, the TC has reached a juncture where is value (in economic terms only as opposed to aesthetic or historic) is at or is fast approaching its nadir. This low "blue book", coupled with the unavailability of many body related components, means that cars
  15. Well, thanks to the sponsorship of the Antique Automobile Club of America & the graciousness of the Administrator here, Peter Gariepy, TC enthusiasts now have a new, more interactive, & organized venue where notices, information, & technical Q&A can be posted. <P>I will be serving as the Moderator for this particular group, & given the fine sort of folks that are attracted to a fascinating & special car like Chrysler's TC by Maserati, I anticipate that it will be far more of a pleasure than a chore. <P>Please feel free to contact me regarding anything relate
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