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  1. Stephen Lyons

    Speed Wagon

    I've posted a photo of what I believe is a REO Speed Wagon in the "Other Makes" category of the gallery. Comments welcome....
  2. I just posted a period image in the Horseless Carriage Gallery of a large, expensive looking tourer. I'm not certain that it's in fact not an early 20's car, but this seemed to be the group in which I might find someone who might recognize & identify it....
  3. Jeff - I don't have any info on the photo at all, I have just picked up some interesting old prints in the past. I was looking some of them over this week for the first time in years & decided to scan & share a few here. I posted three to the gallery this week, this one under Horseless Carriages, one to Maxwell, & one to Model A. The Maxwell photo is remarkable for a number of reasons. Go check it out if you have the time. Stephen
  4. So far as posting the image here, don't mind at all, Chris - I certainly wanted it shared & enjoyed. I actually hadn't noticed the right hand drivers position, not that such was particularly uncommon in the brass era, even for cars meant for the American market. Nonetheless, that did get me to get out my magnifying glass to make sure that the print was not in reverse (I have run into that with many old photos - a famous example is the widely distributed reverse print of Billy the Kid that wrongly led many to assert that he was left handed). Great eyes on that plate, Chris. I now see the small "L" at one end & the "4" at the other. I agree with your deduction that it is likely a 1914 California issue. Also, thank you, G.D. , for your detailed analysis of exactly what the car may be. One last comment: that's a pretty expensive car in any event. Am I the only one to whom the folks in the picture don't look that well off?
  5. A couple days back I posted a photo of a large brass era car in the gallery section. Chris Paulsen believes it is a Peerless. Perhaps someone here could take a look at it?
  6. Hello, folks - I don't speak up too often nowadays, but I wanted to note that we are as a group about to mark a milestone. Although we have been going here for a lot less time than many of the other forums, this on-line TC bunch is poised to pass every other Chrysler category in sheer number of posts (unless the Dodge guys get really active all of a sudden). So I just wanted to express my appreciation to all for making this forum such a valuable resource for TC enthusiasts, & also for generally being so civil in the process, which in turn has made being your moderator a pretty easy proposition. Again, never hesitate to contact me if a problem crops up, but I am looking forward to much more of the same good information being shared here over the coming months & years. Stephen Lyons
  7. I've posted an old picture of a brass era car in the photo gallery section. I can't identify the make, but I'm certain there is someone out there who can....
  8. I've posted an old picture of what I believe to be a Maxwell in the photo gallery section. It's actually a very intriguing photograph for a number of reasons. I'd be interested in anyone's opinion about the car.
  9. I certainly enjoyed myself. The one downer was on my way home from the banquet Tuesday night, I got as far as the Craycroft overpass on I-10 before running over something that punctured my right front tire on the inside sidewall (about a nickel-sized hole), & of course at 75mph, the tire shredded immediately. The Ariz. Highway Patrol was nice enough to give me a lift back to the hotel, & Larry Carlson graciously pulled a tire & wheel off one of his trailered TC's & took me back out there where we put it on the car. Too bad about that flat, too, as it was one of the original Michelins that came with the car new. So now I'm pretty much forced to take the step of making the car that bit less original by putting on four new tres. Had to happen sooner or later, though.
  10. Wonderful collage, thanks for submitting.
  11. I just wanted to make a comment regarding the occasional TC that turns up with this kind of original mileage. Remember that the TC was a new vehicle during the last collectible car "bubble" (as opposed to the current one) when anything with four wheels that was the least bit out of the ordinary could be, & often was, touted as an "investment." This perception resulted in some TC's being bought new & stashed away in anticipation of appreciation (the monetary kind, not the aesthetic). This, of course, never happened, but some of these cars have nevertheless continued to reign as garage queens up to the present time, & often see the light of day only as part of an estate, or because of the final capitulation of the owner. I don't think a really large quantity of TC's were so stored, but I wouldn't be surprised if the number was as high as a few dozen. The thing about this particular car that I find inexplicable is those tires & wheels. Not what a car hoarder would typically do.
  12. Great pics. Remember that we also now have a dedicated TC photo gallery on this website where images can be archived.
  13. One thing I have discovered with the new format is that in posting pictures to the gallery, they now come up right away instead of going into administrative limbo pending approval....
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Thanks Peter, one question. What photo formats are acceptable. I just tried to upload my old Studebaker and the format was not acceptable. It is a jpeg image. </div></div> I'll take a shot at answering this, even with my limited expertise. Any jpeg file should be fine, that's what I've been posting. However, ease of posting can very much depend upon your equipment & connection, & thus I have found it expedient to compress the file. The upload becomes much faster & surer if you do this first. Stephen
  15. My understanding is that after a member posts an image, it needs to pass administrative muster before it can actually be viewed. Please be patient during this process. Stephen
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