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  1. Paint code is JC1 which is Willowmist lower, white painted upper.  Not sure what the 1 is.


    I've looked on the googlez, but every 6 window hardtop I find is photographed in a way that I can't see that line.  The 4 door you posted is a 4 window hardtop.  The 6 window has an extra rear stationary window behind the back door window.

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  2. I've used that pressure bleeder on everything for the last 2 years, except a 55 Pontiac that hat the master in a terrible spot.  It is an awesome tool for the one-man brake bleeder.


    Tip for bleeding the wheel cylinders:  Loosen the bleeders BEFORE you install them and then snug them back up just enough.  Then you won't be cursing them when you can hardly reach them while installed in the car.

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  3. I think I really stepped in **it when I bought this.  I had no idea that the aftermarket for 62's was nearly non-existent.  I guess I should already know that since I've been dealing with that on a 62 Olds Starfire I bought last month.


    Backup lenses for this thing are $225-250 on ebay.  So that's not going to happen.


    It looks like I'll just be getting it mechanically and electrically sound...with some light cosmetic stuff.  I would end up in a massive rabbit hole if I tried to go any further with it.  The good thing is, there aren't any glaring holes when you look at it from 10 feet.  It has REALLY good chrome and stainless.  Engine runs well.  It needs some decent mufflers installed, as it is only running a pair of glass packs right now.  Oy...


    So...carpet, headliner and sunvisors, dash pad if I can find one.  Package tray mesh.  New hubcaps coming already.  Air cleaner coming.


    Things that don't work:  radio, clock (surprise), power vent windows, antenna, power seat, turn signals, AC, high beams are stuck on.  That's all I can think of right now.

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  4. It arrived this morning.  I'd love to say I was pleasantly surprised, but I guess it's par for the course for a sight-unseen purchase.  Sigh....


    The car seems to run just fine.  Thee interior needs to be cleaned up.  Needs a headliner pretty badly.  There are several spots on the car that paint is bubbling. 


    Currently looking for a set of the quarter ELECTRA 225 emblems that go next to the fins in the lower rear of the quarters.



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