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  1. I find that the site has some extra features in you are logged in...easier to use & such. If you insist on not registering or logging in, then you might want to put at least a name in the User Box when you post an entry. It might help others identify you as either someone they want to answer or not Also, if you plan on using this site often, it's a big help to login...to all of us. Adam
  2. Can a convertible top motor be rebuilt or fixed? It's on a 71 Centurion. Doesn't work...wiring is all good/new. I'd appreciate any info on this Thanks, Adam
  3. Sounds like "The Old Guy" hit the NAIL on the HEAD! HAHAHA I kill myself! I need some sleep really bad. But really, does this question need more explanation? Maybe if you registered before you posted a topic you'd get more return...it doesnt take that long. Adam
  4. The color is Twilight Turquoise, I repainted it the original color...I liked it too much to change! I get lots of thumbs up when I drive it. Nobody ever believe's this is the original color. It's too bold I guess. That's why I like it! It's interesting that your Centurion doesn't have the side moulding, but it's common to see those removed on restorations. I'm kinda partial to them, they add something to the car...make it more complete. I also like the custom/sleek look when they are absent. They make the car have a completely different look to it. I am in the process of buying a 71 Centurion convertible from a guy in southern CA...nice car. I just need to get some more details on it before I make the 1800 mile trek....hopefully not to be disappointed. I might make this my Flint car if I can time it right! One more thing, is your car completely original? or is it restored to original specs? Adam
  5. What is the ballpark weight of a 71 Centurion convertible? I know my LeSabre weighs A LOT... Just curious, though... Adam
  6. I like the pinstripe on your car...is that an original detail? I've never seen a pinstripe on the 71's before like that. I love the lines on these cars! Adam
  7. Was the 455 the only engine in the 71 centurion? I haven't seen any without it. Just curious, since I am driving ou to Oceanside, CA to pick one up soon hopefully!! Adam
  8. I'm very interested in making it to Flint this year, but I don't really know anything about it. I know I love Buicks and I need to look for a project car. Will there be cars for sale there? Could I put mine up for sale there? Dates? Also, if there's anyone in the St. Louis area that would like to caravan up there, I'd like to hop on! I'm planning on driving my 71 LeSabre up there possibly to sell (I might have to make a friend drive another vehicle so I can get back!)... The car runs great in long distance trips...but these are some things I want to take care of before I go. Cooling System Carb Rebuild Tires Freon Topoff Engine Compartment Detail, again Tune Up - misses at low idle, might be exhaust valve leak Possible Valve Job <shutter> I'll have plenty of time to do all these things this winter because I'm graduating college Dec 14th!! -Adam
  9. our51super - greetings from Edwardsville!! I was just curious if you had been to Country Classic Cars over in Staunton...if you have, tell me what you thought about it. If you haven't, then don't bother going. If you see any early 70's buicks for sale around town, let me know....I'm hungry for a project! Adam
  10. I know demo is a sport. I love watching them, too! I'm not sure I know what you're trying to say here, though. I just think some of the cars they use too nice/useable for the demo... When I saw that 71 LeSabre in the pictures on my pirst post, I almost had a heart attack...sepecifically because it's such a rareity to me for that car to be in such fine condition. I'd rather not see allthread run through the hood and trunk. Don't get me wrong, I think demo derby can be lots of fun, I actually wanted to so it sometime...but I didn't have the money or my $100 car to poke holes in!! This particular link to the LeSabre just struck a nerve in me and I had to start this thread to see what others thought of it. Thanks for the post--- Adam
  11. Show you how much I Know! Adam
  12. You're probably thinking of the throttle cable. It connects directly from the gas pedal to the carb. with a clip of some sort. There's a point where it runs through the firewall, usually a direct line between the 2 ends. Good luck finding a replacement. Adam
  13. Looks like a mid 50's bumper...kinda like a 56 chevy...(but I have no clue, just a guess) Adam
  14. that derby site IS slow....I'm still waiting for it to load! This thread has turned out to be pretty controversial...I'm glad I started it Adam
  15. Why do we stereotype? Because they're TRUE! There would be no stereotypes if they weren't valid!!! I hope we aren't offending anyone. Yet I doubt any computer geeks such as ourselves that appreciate cars so much could ever be sucked into the 10th level of derby hell. Adam
  16. Ok, so this might sounds stupid, but could the LeSabre 400 just be a name? There was the Chrysler 300...was that in reference to anything? The Olds 442 was for 4 barrel, 4speed, and dual exhaust. (I believe), but I could never figure out what W-30 meant...or W-29 for that matter. My question is, does every numerical name have to have a reference? It could just be the lucky number of the engineer that thought of the option. just my 2 cents... Adam
  17. I've never seen derby prizes for more than a couple hundred bucks. You've got to have a large bankroll or half a brain to do this stuff Adam
  18. how much for the car? any pictures? send them my way: smrtin17@aol.com Thanks, Adam
  19. I've already tried the suction cup thing. Those only work on large dents that are relatively easy to bend. There are some dent pullers that use an adhesive and pull the dent out with a screw drive mechanism. Eastwood sells them...I'm a little nervous about my paint coming with the adhesive when I go to pull it. I kinda like the look of a Riv - anyone got one for sale?? Adam
  20. I guess it's all about the thrill of driving in one of these. I know I'm really curious about doing it. I just don't want to spend the time and money for a car and then go and wreck the hell out of it. I want to put that time into something constructive like restoring a 71 442 Adam
  21. T-Type! I remember now...Thanks for clearing my mind up. Those are some pretty sharp cars, not a big fan of that particular body style though. Thanks again, Adam
  22. Thanks for all the replies guys... This really helps getting other opinions about what I should do about the car. I know it's not worth anything $$$ wise, but it belonged to my best friend's grandmother and when she comes over to visit, she loves to see it running. I think I might drive this into the ground and find a cutlass convertible or something. Or a 70-72 GS? Anyone?? I just get so stir crazy without any projects going on that I just want to tear into this car and make it what I want. I don't quite have the financial means to do that right now, though. Thanks again, Adam
  23. Although I would also hate to see this car go to the derby, I doubt that any derby rat would buy a car like this for $2000 (the current bid). This car is too nice to become a derby donor. Maybe the seller was just trying to get a bigger audience when he put "demolition derby" in the title. Kinda weird... Adam
  24. I am thinking of restoring my 71 LeSabre (currently on the market for sale) but I don't know if it's worth it to go thru the trouble. It's got some rust bubbling through in the bottom quarters and will need new metal welded in. I want to rebuild the 350, mostly because I want more HP but it also loses compression in one of the cylinders. The interior is good except for the front seat which is ripping as I type this. The majority of the body is hail damaged and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. The roof, hood, righht doors, right fender, right quarter, and trunk lid have lots of large dents peppered on them. Do I just fill them with bondo?? Would behoove me to try to pound them out (at least the ones I can reach)? See the link below (71 LeSabre for sale) for details on the car. Thanks for anyone's feedback on this issue
  25. This is where all my 71 LeSabre parts disappear to!!!!!! No wonder I have so much trouble finding parts. They're all feeding people like this. http://cocline71.tripod.com/badattitudedemolitionderby/id2.html This looked like a good car, too...dammit. Adam
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