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  1. I'm no expert, but I would think those springs are the same. Just make sure you get front springs that came off a 425 or bigger. I actually used a set of heavy duty springs on the rear of my 71 lesabre. They're a little short, but they stiffen it up nice. Air shocks help too Adam
  2. See this post... funny these 2 posts would be right next to each other http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/showflat....rt=1#Post142221 Adam
  3. Yeah I agree with both of these guys. You'll end up slitting your wrists trying to swap a frame, unless it's worth it like John said. Is this a car you plan on keeping for a long time? How much is it worth to you? If it's a work horse, weld it. Adam
  4. Do you know how much that costs off hand? Because I'm looking for a set to replace the ones on my car, and I think all they need is a valve job. If it's not too expensive I'll just have those done. Adam
  5. Smartin


    Yes make sure your intake is from a 71...I did the same crossover on my LeSabre a few years back. Luckily I went to a junkyard and found a 71 skylark to rip it out of An EGR will not work with the 71. Adam
  6. Hold that thought...I have a guy right now in KS that has a set that is coming out of the machine shop that he might sell if the price is right. But when you say $100, is that total including shipping? Do you know if the heads are in working order? ie. no mechanical problems like theones I'm replacing? Adam
  7. How much? I bet shipping is an assload. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to ship those things? I'm cheap, don't scare me off Thanks Adam
  8. I need a good set of heads for my 350. Anyone have an extra set they'd like to get rid of? I'd prefer it if the heads had no peoblems with them. Thanks Adam
  9. Thanks for the info Roberta Merry Christmas! Adam
  10. Taking into consideration the fact I will be needing to have the heads rebuilt on my 71 350, does anyone know of a good set I can bolt on? Hopefully close to the St. Louis area I know that the 455's in 70 had high compression heads and in 71 they came down 2 points. Is this the same with the 350? If so, I'd like to see if I can get my hands on a set of 70 350 heads. Would they bolt on without any alteration of the rest of the motor? I know I used an intake from a 70 and it was fine. What dictates the compression on a set of heads, anyway? I apologize for my stupidity, as I haven't been much of a motor buff in the past, but I'm trying to learn so I don't look like an idiot in the future when people ask me about these things Adam
  11. jeez...is there a symptom of valve lash? I am getting prices and referrals on getting my heads rebuilt after christmas. I already have a crunch on my expenses as I'm acquiring a 71 centurion convertible that needs some work before I can get it on the road in January. I hope a decent valve job doesnt cost too much. We'll see I guess. Thanks for the info about the heads. Adam
  12. My car does not have EGR, as 71 was before the EGR was mandatory. On a lighter note, my car seems to be doing ok, as a mechanic told me there was an air pocket in the cooling system that was causing the coolant not to circulate. hmmmm...... We'll see. Adam
  13. My car over heated 2 days ago so I changed the thermostat...it's doing the same thing. Could the water pump be bad? It's not weeping like it did the first time I had to change it. It swapped it about 4 years ago. I don;t know what else it could be. The radiator is fairly new also...plenty of coolant. I just put plugs, wires, cap and rotor on it the day before it overheated. What's the deal?? Adam
  14. My first car: 71 Buick LeSabre - 4dr sedan, 350 4bbl, twilight turquoise original color, beefy dual exhausts, good interior - front seat is ripped, needs a valve job (I'll be putting that off as long as possible). My current car: 71 Buick LeSabre My future car: 71 Buick Centurion Convertible - picked up in January from Oceanside, CA...Rust Free! Loaded, needs new top. I also would like to have a 71 or 72 Cutlass convertible, maybe a pace car...that would be nice. My neighbor had a 72 H/O Pace car convertible - only 130 convertibles were made! 499 of the hardtops. Very rare car. He sold it before I got the chance to get my drivers license Adam
  15. It is quite possible the thermostat is going bad...but usually they go bad fast. I replaced mine today and it lasted about 4 years. A bad thermostat would cause the car to overheat, though. Is there a sensor that keeps track of the fliud level? that may be bad. Adam
  16. I whipped up a page real quick to view the picstures of the radio. They may take a while to load, so be patient. http://www.adam-martin.org/buick/radio.htm Thanks, Adam
  17. I have a sonomatic AM radio from a 71 LeSabre that might work in your Skylark. They're pretty standard. It's been a while since I've looked at the condition of it, but I'm 90% sure it works. I'll try to get some pics if you want them. Adam smrtin17@aol.com
  18. Muratic acid...that'll eat through titanium. Adam
  19. Smartin


    There was a similar post like this a little while ago...I don't think the issue was ever cleared up. I don't actually recall the 71's having an emblem on the grill. Correct me if I'm wrong, though It seems a little odd to me that the grille doesn't even have a spot for the emblem. Is it the correct grille? Did another model that year have a grille with no emblem? Adam
  20. I searched for the car and found nothing...can you furnish us with a link to the page?? Adam
  21. Keep in mind that you may have to replace the glass along with the top. Any professional will know when to replace it or keep it. Most of the time when a top needs replaced, so doesd the window. The actual window may be fine, but the stuff holding it on the top frame is more than likely bad. The "heated window" for my centurion was about $340 to replace...that was along with the replacement of the top. Adam
  22. This sounds like what St. Louis, MO is trying to do with their "Gateway Clan Air Program." My 71 LeSabre failed 4 times even after I tuned it up. It cost me over $100 in receipts to get it to pass for a plea. My car still will not pass this stupid test...but if I spend more money it will! Stupid clean air, who needs it anyway?? Adam
  23. http://autocolorlibrary.com/cgi-bin/search/search.pl
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