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  1. Where are you located? Can you send a few pics to my email address? smrtin17@aol.com Thanks, Adam
  2. very nice...especially with the buick emblem on the front grille staring you in the face. Adam
  3. Here is a link to Year One's website...it is a link directly to the Interior Buick Parts and stuff. http://www.yearone.com/serverfiles/fbshopmain2.asp?cat=2 Hope this helps out. Adam
  4. That's an awesome list of parts they have! Is there anything like that for buicks? I was pretty surprised to see the sheet metal in there. Nobody makes sheet metal for the big buicks it seems. Adam
  5. I have a LeSabre, but that's slightly off track from what you want Adam
  6. It's gonna be hard to find one of those with all those motors suffed in it at once!
  7. I just need the white lenses that cover the bulbs. Do you have any of those? Adam smrtin17@aol.com
  8. I live in St. Peters, a suburb of St. Louis. I don't think I've met anyone here from the St. Louis area. Everyone's either from Michigan or Chicago! Our51Super is in Maryville, IL...not too far from St. Louis. But that's as close as I've gotten. Adam
  9. The 71-7* Electras were very similar in styling to the caddies...It had to be the rear end. I hope you corrected the service guys at the dealer!
  10. What model is the car you're looking at? I have the same problem with a car I'm about to buy. It's a 71 Centurion. Please say this isn't the same car you're looking at. I'll have to fight you for it. If you find a source for your parts, shoot me a message and I'll see if they have parts for me! Adam
  11. Get a laugh at some of the things people say to Buick owners... http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10741 This has gotten to be quite interestin in the last few posts. Adam
  12. rebuild the carb, unless you've already done that.
  13. If you think you can tackle a frame replacement project, more power to ya....it will definitely be an experience. Buy another car. It will save you a lot of grief.
  14. I don't know much about HEI, but that sounds like a possibility...make sure the plugs are clean and check the wires...maybe replace them if they are more than 30000 miles old. It's possible that the plugs have some oil buildup which causes hesitation at throttle. Adam
  15. Have you tried rebuilding the carb? The accelerator pump could be acting up. Float might be sticking also. (you did say this is carbureted, right?) Does it backfire at all when you give it gas? If it does, make sure timing is right. It may need to be advanced. Adam
  16. Check timing, points (if it has points). How many miles are on the engine? Did this problem come on suddenly? or was it a slow progression to what it is now? Will the engine eventually come back out of the bog if you keep the gas pedal down? Adam
  17. Price? Sounds like a nice car! Adam
  18. Location, Price? Options, etc etc etc Adam
  19. Does the trans come with it? If so, what did it come off of?
  20. how much for the 455? Where are you located? THanks, Adam
  21. Search eBay...they periodically have things like that for what you're looking for. Adam
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