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  1. I never thought of latex, good idea...try that
  2. I looked at the car extensively...The Rear wheel wells are made of plastic, if you know what I mean, and it's about 2 inches think in some spots. 95% of these cars are amateur resto jobs at best. There is one 57 chevy there for about 49000 that looks good. Also, a 64 impala with 4 on the floor for 23000 - both sweet cars. Adam
  3. Overpriced Junk is the perfect title for the inventory of that lot. Plain and simple. Adam
  4. I always had the same problem with the paint being tacky on the tires. Although I never tried to fix the problem, I might suggest using nail polish as a possible fix. If you can find white nail polish, try it on a scrap tire (I'm sure you've got quite a few if you're an avid model builder). Also, I think the "model paint" they use in those little bottles is a bit different than other enamel paints you might find in a spray can or otherwise. Try using a white spray paint (good luck taping it off), but I think the spray paint has a hardener that the bottled stuff does not. I could be totally wrong on this! Correct me if I am. Adam
  5. From what I hear it's a common thing especially in the particular body styles where the rear window had a channel that held water. Hence, rusting through to the trunk, etc. I see that as a major flaw in those styles. On some of those chrome pieces surrounding the windows, they would put little plastic sleeve diverters under the chrome (maybe to channel the water out when it hit the window?)... Maybe we should install drain holes and hoses to divert the water under the car instead of letting water sit in the channels! Adam
  6. Thanks rocketraider...It's a shame these cars didn't hold up as well as they might have. I've noticed a lot of could be/current problems with my car that I know must have killed off quite a few of the others... Such as The Rear Window leaking and rusting out the trunk floor This also makes for a pool in the rear wheel wells in the trunk rusting out the quarters from the inside out. When I was doing the body work on my car, I filled the window gutter with silicone so water couldn't get back into it. I had a lot of problems with water getting into the trunk and it ended up rusting the quarters and part of the trunk out..dammit. I need a GS...anyone have one for sale? Preferrably not in horrible shape Adam
  7. It seems to me that the 71 LeSabre is quite a rare find now days...I know the car isn't a popular one with the masses, but why have most of them disappeared? What was the production for this year? I am having so much trouble finding parts for my car. If anyone has any specific leads or knows of any 71's for sale, send them my way! Thanks Adam
  8. I saw one today for sale in Staunton, IL at a lot by the name of Country Classic Cars. Look out, you might have a heart attack at the prices on some of his vehicles. From what I remember, the car was outside in the "restorable" line of cars. He's got about 500 sitting there, it was kind of fun to see what he had, but everything was so pricey that I was driven away. Adam
  9. I was ready to pay the $6450 price for the car until I saw it in person. Maybe I'm just a little bit pissed off about the whole situation. The guy told me it had a "brand new engine"'s got a 455 that's never been touched. The rear wheel wells are nothing but bondo. Out of the 500 cars he had there, about 3 of them were worth the money. I guess I was expecting to get a little more for my money, maybe not a half-assed resto that I could throw together in a week. I guarantee that if that car ever sees rain the rear clip's going to rust off. Adam
  10. I was hunting around on the internet the other day and came across a 71 Centurion convertible in The car looked rather good and they were asking $6450 for it, so I assumed it was halfway decent. The car is located about an hour away from me so I went to look at it today. This guy has about 500 cars in his lot (no joke) and they are all worth about half as much as he is asking on each. I finally found the convertible I was looking for. The first thing I saw was the maaco (could've been earl scheib) paint job. This can't be good. The collector car price guide says that a #1 condition Centurion convertible is $9200, #2 is 7100, etc. My hail-damaged LeSabre (see link in my signature) is in better shape than this car. Are some people just stupid? Here is the link to the car's ad in Hemmings...also take a look at the dealer's website and see some of the trash he's selling. Adam 1971 Buick Centurion The Dealer Would you pay 6500 for this car??
  11. Maybe Elvis DID sweat on it...or maybe there's something else we're missing here. Is all the chrome replaced with gold plate? Are the engine parts coated with Diamond? Why are you asking $15,000 for this car?? Be honest, because I don't think you were with your last post "I OWN THIS CAR AND IT WON'T LAST LONG" I don't believe that.
  12. Can we see a picture of the $15,000 car? I'm not up on my late 70's olds'...There has to be a good reason you're asking that much for a Cutlass. I might pay that for a 71 or 72 442, but not a 77 Cutlass. I'd still like to see a pic if you have one. Thanks, Adam
  13. Every once in a while I see what appears to be a black Lesabre, late 80's. It's very sporty looking, kind of like the GN's, only in a Lesabre body. Would anyone know what I am seeing out there?? Adam
  14. That is a nice Electra you've got there...I'm curious to see what it will fetch on eBay. Where did you get the original fabric to recover the seat??? My 71 LeSabre is really starting to get bad in the front seat and I really doubt I could find that fabric anywhere. I haven't looked too hard, though. Adam
  15. Thanks for all the info! I'm still not sure what I want to do with the car in terms of dumping unneccesary $$$ into it. I am going to Staunton, IL to look at a 71 Centurion convertible in a few days. I have a feeling I'll be driving home in it. My LeSabre is starting to wear on my patience somewhat. The body was pretty pummeled by hail a couple years ago, and I havent had the $$ or time to fix it. I don't think it's worth it either. So I'm going to go look at this centurion to see if it's worth the $6000 price tag. It looks real nice on the internet, but I want to get a closer look. Wish me luck! Adam
  16. That's a heck of an undertaking (literally!)...I think I ended up paying around $400 for my duals (including the 3" tips). The original bid from Midas was $308. That seemed like the going rate at the time. I don't know that I could trust myself installing a set of duals. I would love to get a set of flowmasters thrown on there before I get rid of the car. There's nothing like the sound of a big V8! Adam
  17. The main reason I want to rebuild is to fix the low compression in one of the cylinders. I have an exhaust valve that leaks and I lose compression at low idle. I was told I could just do a valve job, but I might as well just rebuild the motor, as it would benefit me $$$ wise and time wise later on. Adam
  18. I have a 71 LeSabre that was built (finished) in April of 1971. Would the 350 be included when they started using hardened valve seats? Also, I want to rebuild the engine...Does anyone have a good idea of what it will cost to do this? Thanks, Adam
  19. I too brought my 71 LeSabre to Midas to get dual turbos put on. They did it with no questions, but the job was absolutely awful. I Complained to their corporate office and ended up getting a completely new system with 3" chrome tips thrown in for nothing. I love my duals now! The only problem I have with them is that they drone really bad at about 1500 rpm (35-40 mph). I think I ended up going back to the original midas about 10 times with problems on the initial install. You have no idea how pissed I was about the whole thing. Make sure you know that the guy installing the duals knows what the hell he is doing!!!! Adam
  20. Looks to me like it's a 1973 cruiser...not a 71.
  21. considering my financial situation right now, I'd have ot agree with anonymous guy up there...$2500. too bad for me, the car's worth $20xxx Keep it! Adam
  22. Check out a search on "1971 cutlass" or "1972 cutlass"...there are a couple hoods there for sale. There's one ram air repro, a stock repro, and a stock for sale currently. chech out the prices and see what you think. Adam
  23. I am looking for a restorable (and running) 71 or 72 cutlass convertible, prefferably something I can drive before I start the project. I live in the St. Louis, MO area and haven't found much worth looking at. I don't want to spend too much, so if anyone has any leads, feel free to send them my way! Thanks, Adam <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif" alt="" />
  24. Needs a new set of points...or an adjustment on them. Good luck trying to get them right. I'd try the carb rebuild before the points swap.
  25. I was thinking about selling my 71 LeSabre. I am curious what I will get for it on the market. Please let me know and send any inquiries to my email address at Here's a link to some images and information on the car...