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  1. Is the car in Phoenix? If you can find a way to get it to St. Louis, then I might want to bite.<P>Adam
  2. Yeah...I don't know about the year, but it looks mid 50's to me. <P>When do I et my prize?
  3. I notice you have a 72 GS 455 for sale. How much are you asking?<P>Adam
  4. Looks like a rocket from an oldsmobile. I could be mistaken, that's my guess though. I don't recall Buick ever having an "airplane" for a logo or hood ornament.<P>Adam
  5. I need some help finding a replacement hubcap or even just another set for my 71 LeSabre. I looked out the window the other day and saw one was missing. So if anyone has a good deal on a set of hubcaps or one that I could look at, please contact me. It looks so bad without that hubcap.<P>Thanks,<BR>Adam<BR>314-713-1262<BR>
  6. Does nobody like good cars anymore?
  7. Jon, here are additional pics of the hail damage.<BR>This link can also be reached from the above gallery of my car now. I just added it today. <P>Thanks for your interest,<BR>Adam<BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
  8. I am taking bids privately (no ebay, etc) for my 71 Lesabre. Here is a link that explains the car in detail.<BR>It has served me well.<BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>Adam Martin<BR>Email:<BR>AIM: Joztotz<BR>MSN:<BR>WWW: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>Thanks for your interest--<BR>Adam Martin <P>I also have these parts for sale:<BR>-AM Sonomatic radio - condition unknown<BR>-2bbl intake for 350 buick 1971<BR>-other small misc parts.
  9. I am looking for a speedometer to fit my 71 LeSabre. I just found out that the speedo from a 71 Riv will also work. I am also under the impression that a speedo from a centurion or electra or estate wagon will work. If you have a spare that will work, let me know and I will be in touch.<P>A couple years ago, I broke the needle off when I was lubricating the cable and the weight was thrown off and the needle doesn't read right anymore. I tried re-attaching it with epoxy worked but I can't get it right. All I need actually is a needle to fix the problem I think.<P>I'm just tired of making trips to East St. Louis to junkyards that I've already ravaged from previous repairs and upgrades. <P>Thanks,<BR>Adam<BR> <BR>
  10. Do you still have the 71 Lesabre?? If so, I would kill for the speedometer! Even the needle would work. I broke the needle off my speedometer in my 71 LeSabre and I can't get the weight ratio right. Let me know if you still have it!<P>Adam<BR>
  11. I'm looking for a working speedometer with a good needle. My needle broke in my 71 LeSabre and I cant get the weight balance right. So if anyone has even just a needle, I would love to make an offer.<P>Thanks,<BR>Adam<BR>
  12. Thanks, Dynaflash...I'll look into it!
  13. I have some misc 71 LeSabre parts that I have collected from my farting around in the garage with my Buick...<P>*350 2bbl intake manifold<BR>*Sonomatic AM radio<BR>*non-working clock, foggy glass<BR>*Steering wheel<P>I'll post more as I stumble across other items. The intake weighs around 53 pounds so it will cost a bunch to ship. As far as I know the radio works. It did when I took it out. The clock speaks for itself. The steering wheel has some cracking on it and it has a coveer on the wheel part.<P>
  14. I have a hail damaged 71 hood...I'm not sure if these hoods are interchangeable. I know the 71 and 72 hoods are. If you're willing to work with hail damage, let me know.<P>Adam
  15. Can anybody help me find a working speedometer for my 71 Buick LeSabre? I broke the needle off mine and the weight is off...I would like to find a whole new unit but even just the guts would work. I've been to the yards around St. Louis and the only speedo I could find was rusted out on the ground...I was lucky to find it.<P>Please contact me if you have any information regarding this issue.<P>Thanks,<P>Adam Martin