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  1. Thanks Jim! I have been working on replacing all the heater and vacuum lines tonight...I feel that for every part I replace, I break 2 more. I have been to Auto Zone 5 times tonight with random things to match up. I broke some vacuum solenoid dealy that's bolted to the carb and now I'm trying to epoxy glue the fitting back on. For now it's bypassed. I still can't belive this this ran with all the leaky hoses. I swear the antifreeze was coming out of 5 hoses when I flushed it.
  2. $2000 was a ballpark figure thrown out by me...I hadn't priced anything but the top fabric and window. The window's heated too...more $$$. I called my friend in the business and he said he could do it right for about that. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress. I am going there tomorrow to have him look at it.
  3. Tony, That sounds close to what came through my part of town in 2001 that killed my car. The baseball size balls were blown into the side of my car, making some interesting body work for anyone wanting to tackle it. Brian, Thanks for the info on that. I like the was the wire wheels look, so I'll definitely consider keeping them...especially since they're so rare. I had never seen them before.
  4. I got an email from someone I didn't really know a while back about going to one of the meetings. I kind of ignored it at the time. I'm still not sure I have the time to get into it too much right now though. RE: Paint I am eventually going to do it...hopefully within the next year. It was resprayed once in its lifetime...same color, but it lost the paint stripe that runs along the curve of the car in the middle. I want that back. Brian Laurence (sp?) aka Centurion has one with the stripe and it looks sharp. I'm going to go white again. I'm pretty comfortable with body work so I doubt I'll need any help with the paint, but thanks! BTW,do you do sandblasting? I might need some of my top frame parts blasted soon. Tony, I dug out the build sheet on the cart and it says the hubcaps are original to the car. Option N95 WIRE WHL...(something else after this...ripped off) Brian, if you read this, is the paint stripe option # D90? If it is, then it confirms there was originally one on it. I still can't believe how loaded this car is. It has everything I've ever seen available. Too bad I can't read half of the build sheet. I'll have to find the other one sometime...if there is another.
  5. Tony, Thanks for the nice compliments! <img src="" alt="" /> I think I'll stick to the hubcaps that are on it for now since I'm not interested in the "original" look of the car. I may end up buying rally wheels for it or something down the road. It has Buick caps on it now, but they're from a later model car. They have the tri-shield emblem. It sucks that we can't keep all the cars we buy, but there's always time to find one like it again. My LeSabre's for sale if you're interested <img src="" alt="" /> I know I will regret selling that car if I ever do...It's got lots of sentimental value and I'd hate to see it fall into the wrong hands. I can just see it...3 years later I go to the junkyard for a part and find my old LeSabre sitting there with a wrecked front end...ravaged from the vultures that need parts from it. That will be a sad day indeed. I'm looking forward to getting the top fixed on my's quite a mess right now, but it will look real good once I put about $2000 into it. <img src="" alt="" /> The LeSabre is in good shape, it just has some rust on the quarters and hail damage. Big hail balls to make those kinds of dents. Baseballs came from the sky that night. Not cool. That's when I decided not to invest any more of my money in it and find a nice convertible to dump it into. Viola!
  6. I've been in the negotiating stages for 8 weeks for this car. I finally had it delivered yesterday. I can't tell you how happy I am to see it in my garage tonight! Now all I need is some gold trim and pearl clearcoat and I have the original concept Centurion. <img src="" alt="" /> This car is LOADED with every option you could get. Power seat, locks, windows, brakes (duh), steering (duh), speed alert, trip meter, trunk release, cruise, heated rear window AND defogger fan, tilt wheel, and that's all I can think of. It also has a shredded top and trashed scissor frame. Time to call Convertible Service and spend my life savings. I got it home yesterday and drained and flushed the BROWN syrup from the cooling system. I also filled the dry master cylinder. Left the CA plates on it today and took a cruise...kinda cold though. I had to get gas somewhow! I think I've told this story 50 times, but I can't get enough of it. I attached a picture of it.
  7. Go to they have phone numbers to reach them at... CARS, Inc. 205 Pearl St. P. O. Box 5 Neshanic Station, NJ 08853 (908) 369-3666 (908) 369-7595 Fax
  8. try behind the door panels...or on top of the gas tank. Also in the seat...rear or front. More or less where the assembly line guy decided where to put it that day.
  9. It's good to see all the pics uploaded! I've visited the site a few times and wondered what all the other ones looked like <img src="" alt="" /> I agree that popups suck...when did that start happening?
  10. It isn't working!! <img src="" alt="" />
  11. Smartin

    1972 Electra

    Joe, Any of those cars have a posi rear?
  12. Try Year One. They have lots of parts for the cutlasses. I took a brief look at their catalog and have parts for the seat also.
  13. heavy duty struts?? I don't even know if they make anything like that for a 93 LeSabre. I have 2 12" RF Punches in my 71...I just put air shocks in it though<img src="" alt="" /> Option 2: Dump the HUGE sub and find something that fits the car.
  14. It's still in the v8buick forum... No one has posted on it in a long time...but at least it's there to read if you want.
  15. ballaprk $4000...of course I haven't seen the car at all. It all depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it. Sounds like a good car.
  16. a little over $1000... If it's only good for parts you'll be lucky to get that.
  17. I started the SUV post because I think it's something that is at least related to cars. And better yet, I wanted to get the point across that there are more than just SUV's guzzling gas. My daily driver is a 71 LeSabre. If people want to target SUV owners then they need to open up their eyes and realize they're being absolutely obtuse. There, I changed the topic already. I agree the SUV post went an extent. Everyone had their point and stated them clearly. I don't have a problem with that. If you do, then don't read it. I posted it in the V8Buick forum because there is more to that forum than just "car talk". People talk about their family life and tv programs over's more like a big group of buddies getting together and BS'ing about Buicks. I also think it's an incredible source of information about our cars. Where else can you talk about your dog and at the same time find an idle stop solenoid bracket for your 350? Both of these threads got incredible feedback and probably made lots more people aware that one or the other sites existed. I wonder what would happen if an administrator just blocked the thread one day after it gets 1000 hits. I bet there would be some pretty unhappy folks. I've seen some WAY off topic threads and this didn't happen to be one of them. Sometimes we just have to say what we need to. I had some very strong feelings about the SUV - terrorism thing and wanted to express them. I saw an opportunity to let people know how blindsighted we can be. Speaking of off topic, shouldn't this be all about cars? I disagree that every thread has to meet some specific "code" that we must follow. This is only natural that we deviate and have to make our opinions known about subjects like this. There is no "line". The only line is how far you're willing go to say something. So Romy, we'll be looking forward to you coming back soon! Cheers. I'm going to bed.
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    Please Help

    Well...If you're trying to put together an ad for it you'll have to include: Date(s) Times of specific programs such as prizes, judging, registration. What the prizes are Prices to enter Location Food & Beverages? Do you actually have to put the show on or is it just a mock up deal that you have to present to the class? That makes a big difference on how much work you'll have to put into it. I'm on MSN at if you want to talk. I also have AIM: JozTotz
  19. It's very similar... go to this site and plug in your make and year. Limemist was a popular color in that year...code 43 2334
  20. WOW! That took some major research. I bet if we all put our heads together we could put something like this together..
  21. I found a pic of this 67 electra with the mirror on the fender. This is in Brussels, Germany. So it may be left or right hand drive...not sure.
  22. I am selling an overflow tank for the late 60's and early 70's big Buicks. I would like $40 OBO plus $8 for shipping. Take a look at the gallery on my website at: email me with any questions you may have. or call my cell at 314-713-1262 Thanks,
  23. I put my Edelbrock 600 CFM Performer carb on ebay last night. It works great. Electric choke works well. I had it on my 350 and went back to Quadrajet because I can modify qjets <img src="" alt="" /> without worrying too much. Enjoy...
  24. I have a white 71 vert...but It's nothing special. It's got lots of options, no airbags though.