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  1. Try Year One. They have lots of parts for the cutlasses. I took a brief look at their catalog and have parts for the seat also.
  2. heavy duty struts?? I don't even know if they make anything like that for a 93 LeSabre. I have 2 12" RF Punches in my 71...I just put air shocks in it though<img src="" alt="" /> Option 2: Dump the HUGE sub and find something that fits the car.
  3. It's still in the v8buick forum... No one has posted on it in a long time...but at least it's there to read if you want.
  4. ballaprk $4000...of course I haven't seen the car at all. It all depends on how much someone is willing to pay for it. Sounds like a good car.
  5. a little over $1000... If it's only good for parts you'll be lucky to get that.
  6. I started the SUV post because I think it's something that is at least related to cars. And better yet, I wanted to get the point across that there are more than just SUV's guzzling gas. My daily driver is a 71 LeSabre. If people want to target SUV owners then they need to open up their eyes and realize they're being absolutely obtuse. There, I changed the topic already. I agree the SUV post went an extent. Everyone had their point and stated them clearly. I don't have a problem with that. If you do, then don't read it. I posted it in the V8Buick forum because there is more to that forum than just "car talk". People talk about their family life and tv programs over's more like a big group of buddies getting together and BS'ing about Buicks. I also think it's an incredible source of information about our cars. Where else can you talk about your dog and at the same time find an idle stop solenoid bracket for your 350? Both of these threads got incredible feedback and probably made lots more people aware that one or the other sites existed. I wonder what would happen if an administrator just blocked the thread one day after it gets 1000 hits. I bet there would be some pretty unhappy folks. I've seen some WAY off topic threads and this didn't happen to be one of them. Sometimes we just have to say what we need to. I had some very strong feelings about the SUV - terrorism thing and wanted to express them. I saw an opportunity to let people know how blindsighted we can be. Speaking of off topic, shouldn't this be all about cars? I disagree that every thread has to meet some specific "code" that we must follow. This is only natural that we deviate and have to make our opinions known about subjects like this. There is no "line". The only line is how far you're willing go to say something. So Romy, we'll be looking forward to you coming back soon! Cheers. I'm going to bed.
  7. Smartin

    Please Help

    Well...If you're trying to put together an ad for it you'll have to include: Date(s) Times of specific programs such as prizes, judging, registration. What the prizes are Prices to enter Location Food & Beverages? Do you actually have to put the show on or is it just a mock up deal that you have to present to the class? That makes a big difference on how much work you'll have to put into it. I'm on MSN at if you want to talk. I also have AIM: JozTotz
  8. It's very similar... go to this site and plug in your make and year. Limemist was a popular color in that year...code 43 2334
  9. WOW! That took some major research. I bet if we all put our heads together we could put something like this together..
  10. I found a pic of this 67 electra with the mirror on the fender. This is in Brussels, Germany. So it may be left or right hand drive...not sure.
  11. I am selling an overflow tank for the late 60's and early 70's big Buicks. I would like $40 OBO plus $8 for shipping. Take a look at the gallery on my website at: email me with any questions you may have. or call my cell at 314-713-1262 Thanks,
  12. I put my Edelbrock 600 CFM Performer carb on ebay last night. It works great. Electric choke works well. I had it on my 350 and went back to Quadrajet because I can modify qjets <img src="" alt="" /> without worrying too much. Enjoy...
  13. I have a white 71 vert...but It's nothing special. It's got lots of options, no airbags though.
  14. That must've been a popular email, because I got it a few days ago also...very funny <img src="" alt="" />
  15. Looks like it's pretty solid. For $1300 I would take it. It'd be a nice project for someone who is into this kind of car. I'm afraid that if someone who didn't know got their hands on it, it'd be toast.
  16. Location? Could you send pics to: Thanks, Adam
  17. Hello all, I just started a new website to aid people looking for buick parts that they are having trouble finding on their own. I also added a new section to the site that is comprised of galleries of Buicks of all models. The list is very short right now so I need your help in making the list bigger by adding your car(s) to it. Feel free to email me a link to your existing site or send me some pics and information regarding your vehicle and I'll post it. Thanks, Adam Martin
  18. Smartin

    1972 Electra

    For the big boat parts you'll probably have to end up contacting one of the southwest yards like: Speedway Automotive Desert Dog Auto Parts Desert Valley Auto Parts OR It's next to impossible to find new or NOS parts for these cars unless you buy a parts car. Keep an eye out for LeSabres and Centurions also for that year, as they share bumpers and fenders.
  19. wow! <img src="" alt="" /> It looks like you could just start it up and drive it away..with the way the engine looks. Neat car. I'd like to have that as a toy to tinker with when I got the time. I think I'm looking for more of a driver though <img src="" alt="" />
  20. I just checked it and they have it....$10.
  21. Tony, Try this place... I don't know if they have what you're looking for, but it's worth a shot!
  22. I have no doubts that there are folks on this board that can answer your question, but there is another forum that specializes in this type of question... There are LOTS of experienced guys and gals there that could give you all the answers you want. Adam (Smartin)
  23. That's a really good question that all of us nuts need to know so we can look good in front of the folks who DON'T know <img src="" alt="" />
  24. Honestly, on a newer car like that, I think the color code might be in the door jamb. But check the cowl tag...I don't know if the newer cars have tags like that. The cowl tag is located in the engine compartment, near the windshield. It has a bunch of latters and numbers on it that look like gibberish. Try looking for that. I'm waiting for someone else to chime in on this thread and tell me otherwise, because I don't know for sure.