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  1. The last LeSabre convertible was 1975. After that I believe the next BUICK convertible was in 1982 with the Riv. This is a chop job...but probably someone who at least knew what they were doing <img src="" alt="" />
  2. Try these:
  4. Try looking around here:
  5. This car's a money pit but it's worth it so far <img src="" alt="" />
  6. I know some of you have followed the v8buick thread on this, but I blew a head gasket a couple weeks ago and decided to pull both heads to have them rebuilt to stage1 specs. Well, I didn't need to. They are already stage1's! The block is stamped with TA and the build sheet says it was equipped with the "hi performance 455" option. Were the Stage1 heads the only change in the motor or do I have a whole stage1 motor? What is different about the GS Stg1 and the one I have? Oh yeah...I now have an extra set of stainless valves from TA in anyone needs a set. <img src="" alt="" /> PS: This is on my Centurion...
  7. Bruce, Have you considered spending the money to buy one from Year One? I think they're around $200, but they're nice repros. <img src="" alt="" />
  8. Do you have an asking price? Is this car on ebay? You may provide a link to your ebay auction, but I don't think this is an auction site. I DO think an asking price is required for posting in the Buy/Sell forum. Cool car, though! Excellent documentation. <img src="" alt="" />
  9. Steve - You near St. Peters? We should get some Buick folks together and have a look at everyone's cars! I've been wanting to get a bunch of people together from the board, but it's hard to find anyone close to me.
  10. I need: Grille Headlight Bezels Carb How much do you want for them?
  11. 50/50 This is usually what I do. I haven't heard any different.
  12. I need these for a friend. Does anyone have these parts? 70 Skylark Grille 2 LH door hinges - 2DR (I don't know if it makes a difference) Thanks!
  13. 77? Maybe. possibly. <img src="" alt="" /> I remember seeing one a little while back, but don't remember what year it was.
  14. I wonder if someone could custom make them for you <img src="" alt="" />
  15. I am looking for a stainless gravel shield for a friend who has a 49 Super he's restoring. Does anyone have a handle on one of these? This is the piece of stainless that goes in front of the rear wheel. Thanks!
  16. What is your asking price for the 455? I think prices are required in the Buy/Sell forum...unless you are offering trade only.
  17. That's near me...did you relist it on ebay?
  18. I emailed you earlier today for requests on the Electra parts. Did you get it? <img src="" alt="" />
  19. What color is the steering wheel? And how much would shipping be to 63376? Thanks!
  20. Every time I try to edit my signature, it tells me it's too long....even when all I do is omit things!!! <img src="" alt="" /> Can't we loosen up here and allow more than 5 words to be typed into the Signature??
  21. Smartin


    To increase your prospective audience, post a thread in the cars wanted forum on the v8buick board, too. There are bunches of guys and gals there that have access to this type of car.