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  1. I had a section of a Zerex antifreeze bottle used as a piece of AC duct in the 57 I just sold.  That went bye bye when I pulled the top of the dash off to fix the speedo.  The new owner got a kick out of it.  Didn't surprise me a bit with some of the stuff I've seen on that car.

  2. The door seals are the new Parts Place latex ones.  They fit well, but the fasteners were wrong. 


    Fast forward to today when I installed the A pillar the box and there is a bag of these...the CORRECT size clips.  Hallelujah.


    Front windshield stainless is polished and installed...sans the cowl piece.  That is a real bitch to polish...will take care of it tomorrow. 




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  3. Just a little bling to keep momentum..

    Also, here is a photo of an original push clip compared to one that TPP sent. This is for the door weatherstripping top corners. The new ones are so big that they won't push into the factory holes. So I cobbled together a set from the parts car, and some others from my hoard. Thankfully I have saved some "stupid" stuff like this.



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