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  1. I may end up just getting wide white radials, since the Coker Classic bias plies are on back order until October.  Still working on ordering a set of SOMETHING just to get this car more reliable.  The date code (at least what I think it is) on the tires is 2003.


    In other news, we have new exhaust!



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  2. I should know the answer to this question, but I don't.  Are red wheels INCORRECT for a 58?  I think this car would look good with them.  But before I go crazy powdercoating, I wanted to get the right answer.   Trying to order a set of Coker Classics.  It's unfortunate that this is the only tire with correct dimensions.  And the price has cone up significantly in the last several months.  $257 each!

  3. I’ve come to the realization that projects like this are not for me.  I have zero time for a job of this size that doesn’t pay 😬


    With the 58 I bought a couple weeks ago, it will allow me to be able to enjoy the car while I tinker with it.  

    So, that said, I am loosely assembling the big pieces of this car so I can sell it in the near future.  While assembling, I realized that there is a pretty significant amount of parts that are missing…and I’ll likely have to make some sort of deal for the parts car with the sale of the Roadmaster.



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  4. Fuel line is 5/16.  I don't remember off hand if one side of the car is LH lugs or not.  Usually the bolts have a large L stamped on the head if so.  And the front bolts are longer because of the aluminum drums.

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  5. I'm gonna chime in and steal the thread from Lance.  On the way to Auburn on Thursday, I stopped at his house while he was gone and stole it out of his driveway.  It came home with us today.  We are super happy to have another 58 to drive!  And the bumpers are gorgeous...both are rechromed.  I picked up some rechromed taillight housings for it, too.


    I think "Miss Piggy" will be its name.


    First order(s) of business:


    Massive exhaust leak at manifold-to-header pipe connection on passenger side

    Holley carb swap back to stock with gas pedal start

    Maybe a power wash of the engine compartment

    Tires (feels like I've spent $10k on tires in the last 3 years...maybe I should stop buying cars?  Nahh)


    Long term goals:


    New front seat fabric replacement (material is on order)

    New headliner

    Power window switch issues or something....rear windows don't work at all.  Pass side front only works with master switch.

    Mucho paint touchup and some panel alignment

    Rocker panels are beat up a bit...and the moldings are hanging on by a thread.  Not rotten, just not attached well.

    Horn needs repair inside the column



    As a result of this, the 57 Roadmaster coupe (white one) will need to go.  Surprised, no?  I just don't have time for a big project like that. I am going to cobble it together somewhat and list it on fleabay when I get the title situation worked out.


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  6. It was done by a place in MN called Bobs Transmission Midwest I think….I just dumped all the pieces into Jim Hughes’ truck here in Auburn yesterday. He’s going to make it whole again.  

    My local shop tore it apart and found metal in the fluid.  Wiped out front pump and some other not so pretty things.



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