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  1. It's not impossible.  I've done it for years with no real ventilation...but I am putting together an air recirculator that will filter the air in one side and filter again on the way out.  They make them commercially, but are really expensive. My goal with the recirculation is to keep the same temperature in the room without having to draw in cold/hot air from outside.  Your paint environment and the surface you're painting needs to be warm (no less than 60*).

  2. I think it was one of their "Spring" deals.


    This appears to be a really well preserved original car.  I tend to agree with Lance on the paint being original, but unless I could see it in person, all we can do is debate it.


    Well, what's everyone think?  $18.5k is my guess...these cars that BaT have been selling lately have gotten really healthy numbers.  There is no reason why this one won't.  Its well photographed and presented without a bunch of used car salesman tactics.

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  3. We just pulled them in with the winch and steered the wheels by hand mostly. So no wiggling our way out LOL...


    getting in and out of the 62 Starfire that we delivered to this guy was a different story.  Glad I’m skinny for that one!

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