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  1. Steel wheels or wood spoke? I have a set I could loan, but would require quite a large deposit. I bought the set advertised in the DB News a couple years ago. Then I had to have a peice made to fit my '24 w/ steel wheels. You will be needing the same piece for a '26 with steel wheels. I am not sure which hub fitting fits the Spoke hubs but I might have it as well as many others. Please use me as a last resort. Thanks. Alex
  2. Where is the truck? Photos? I have a '49 wrecker but with much rust. I need another body or sell my truck. 4sp w/brownlight, winch, 6cyl flat, roman chariot style rear body. 1/2 ton body w/heavier rear end. How much is your truck & where? Would anybody be interested in mine? Any fair trade OK. I'm in 'early '20s DBs. I need a 24-27 body. Other models OK for trades. Truck in Lufkin Tx. I am in Houston.
  3. I have yet to be able to get over 45 with my car. 30 MPH is much more comfortable, but then my car is totally original with no balancing, etc having ever been done to the engine. Stopping is usually no problem with the brake pedal but keep the emergency lever clear. You will certainly need the assistance of the extra braking from time to time. I can skid my rear tires using both pedal and emergency together. Happy motoring.
  4. Your car is correct. Do nothing.
  5. Where are you located. I would be interested in a lot of parts. I replied once before and never received a reply back.
  6. Don't make the same mistake I made. Double check and get rid of that 6 volt coil. Good luck.
  7. The shaft on my '24 keeps twisting around and the belt will not stay adjusted properly. I have considered a spot weld to the head but what would you suggest to solve the problem? This is a daily driver that I have kept original except for coil and fuel pump. Suggestions?
  8. Need transportation for parts from Utah to Houston. Anyone out there taking such a trip and can haul parts?
  9. I have a spare bracket for a '25 touring which is the same best I can tell. Contact by e-mail 2 Alex
  10. I have seen several headlight rims at all the swap mets I have attended. I have bought several for $20 with the glass lenses. All need plating but are in good condition. I don't want to part with my spares but go to the pre-war swap meets and you can find them.
  11. My '24 leaks also. According to all my reading, these cars were designed to leak. I suggest you use cardboard, etc under the car where you park it.
  12. Looks like I don't have your e-mail address. Send a reply here and it will be sent to my e-mail and I can send the photo.
  13. This was a one time sale through the Club News Magazine, from a member who had the original DB set of pullers. I am not sure which one will fit your car but supposedly it has all that are required for all the cars. I'll see if I can find time to photo them tonight and send you a digital copy.
  14. If you fail to find a set elsewhere, contact me and I might arrange your use of a set I bought through the Club a year ago if you are a club member. I would not be willing to sell since I still need to use it. This is a complete set and supposed to have all the required peices?
  15. I am trying to put my exhaust back to original. Does anybody know where to get the asbestos packing or what a current replacement is?