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  1. i went to the pics and all my questions are answered thanks
  2. is this car still for sale? where is it located
  3. i have a 1949 76S with a trim code of 49-11 which is gala green the questions i have are what about the interior paint the metal trim pieces above the door panels and the dash seem to be a darker green and gray where can i get paint codes and paint for the interior and exterior of the car?
  4. thanks for the info! greatly appreciated
  5. i have a spot light that i want to mount on a 1949 roadmaster sedanette does it mount through the windshield piller or through the door? any help is appreciated. also i still have a 49 super for parts let me know what you need.bstrhlow@execpc.com
  6. i am parting out a 49 super sedanet 2 door no motor or trans but i do have the intake,exhaust manafold with heat riser, radiator, oil filter canister,starter and generator, i also have a mustach bar for a 50 buick, pitted but no cracks also 2 spark plug covers for a small straight 8 let me know what you need e mail bstrhlow@execpc.com old-blue 49 roadmaster 76 S car will be going to the an old car junk yard sunday. he has other buicks and other classic cars for parts his web site is http://groups.msn.com/TomsClassicCarParts/shoebox.msnw
  7. i am going to be buying new rear springs for my 49 76S the service manual talks about high or export springs and overload springs the company i called has only standard springs and springs for a station wagon would the wagon springs work or am i better off staying with the standard springs? thanks in advance old-blue
  8. steve, please send me a list. thanks old-blue 49 roadmaster 63 wildcat convertable bstrhlow@execpc.com
  9. old-blue


    thanks for the help it will fit just fine thanks again old-blue 49 76s 63 4667
  10. old-blue


    can anyone tell me the lenth and width of a 63 wildcat convertible. i am picking mine up soon and want to make sure it will fit in the storage garage also will it fit on a u-haul car trailer? thanks old-blue 49 76S 63 4667
  11. thanks that"s what i was looking for! thanks again! old-blue 49 roadmaster 63 wildcat convertible
  12. awhile back i read here that you can e mail CARS with the year of your car to get a parts list, i can't rember how to do it. can anyone help? old-blue 49- 76s 63- 4667
  13. what is a 63 wildcat convert worth? it is in sad shape floor pans trunk don't even know if it runs. looks to be complete old-blue 1949 76S BCA#38355
  14. what body and mech parts are interchangable between a 63 wildcat and a 63 electra? thanks in advance
  15. are aftermarket body panels available for a 63 wildcat? any help is apprecated thanks