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  1. Understand that a policy change in Antique Auto beginning in 2004 would not list national meet winners, but that a complete listing for the year, would be published at the end of the year. When and where is this available?
  2. We are interested in touring this summer. We have heard rumors that there is going to be a VMCCA tour in Virginia or somewhere near there. Anybody know anything about it and when it might be? Also heard that there might be one in Minnesota. Any news on that? We toured to Louisiana last year with VMCCA and really enjoyed it. We like the smaller tours. Thanks!!
  3. We are leaving for Buffalo tomorrow. Will be showing a 1931 AA Ford Truck. Will be trailering (open trailer, so we will still have a lot of cleaning to do when we get there)(only because the top speed on the truck is about 25 mph and that is going downhill!) Looking forward to seeing everyone and all the great cars (and trucks).
  4. Thanks, We plan on being there with a vehicle to be judged.
  5. Anyone know the deadline for registering for the Grand National? I cannot find the information anywhere on the online registration site?
  6. We just received our Hershey confirmation postcard and they have changed our space (row and number). Anyone know why spaces were changed and why? Has the red field been renumbered or laid out in a different layout? We really liked our old spaces.
  7. What is the criteria for the judging and awarding of the different categories? What is the difference between Award of Excellence and Award of Distinction and Award of Merit? Is there any way an editor can find out why a certain award was given and what improvements can be made to do better the following year? I will appreciate any help I can get to improve our club newsletter for my club members. Thanks!
  8. I sent for information about the Maine Regional Tour in September, but haven't received anything yet. I have heard the rumor that registration will be limited and I am very interested in attending. Anybody know when the registration material will be available and how many they will be able to have on the tour? Thanks for your help!
  9. I know the Grand National for 2003 is in Cedar Rapids. I have heard that the 2004 Grand National is to be in Buffalo. Anyone know if this is a fact or just a rumor? Anyone know the date for 2004? Thanks.
  10. The Cincinnati Chapter is loacted in Kentucky. There is an AACA Chapter - Southern Chapter - that is part of the Ohio Region that has members in Cincinnati and Dayton and all parts in between. Their president is Joe Smith and I am sure they would welcome you. I know they have a meeting on June 15. The Ohio Region has a web page that is linked from AACA National PAge and it has more information on Ohio Region. I am a member of Ohio Region, but with a different regional chapter and I thoroughly enjoy the region activites as well as the chapter activities.
  11. I know that the Model A Restorers Club located in Dearborn has a fashion committee that has reproduced original patterns from 1930 and 1931 and have the patterns for sale. I believe that they are $15 each plus postage. Hope this helps. I enjoy dressing in the 1930's style when driving my Model A. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  12. What activities are planned at New Bern for the weekend of the Grand National? Dates indicate Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but registration only shows dinner on Friday night and show and banquet on Saturday. Is there something planned for Thursday and Friday?
  13. We just received our notification. Any idea where RCE is?
  14. Some of our friends have already received their assignment of spaces for the Hershey Meet. We have not and wonder why. We were in Green Field for some years and then moved to the Yellow Field. We were told we will be moved elsewhere (thank goodness)this year. Anybody know when the notification of spaces will be mailed?
  15. Anybody know when the meet registration forms will be available on-line? Will this include tour registration forms? Will we be able to get the registration forms for the Founders Tour on-line or must be send for them from National? :
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