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  1. In 1967 I was a mechanic for a Lincoln-Mercury dealer just northwest of the city of Chicago and had the pleasure to see one of the Lincolns that came in for some service. I have to wonder......... is it best to use a scotch pad to keep the finish up on these cars???
  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Nice car and best of luck with it. I keep hoping that one day I will find something like that to occupy my time. Ron of Florida
  3. Would I like to have my first car........ you betcha!!!!!! 1955 Pontiac 2dr. HT green and white. Bought it in 63 for $90 and loved it. Traded it for a 58 Pontiac Star Chief in 65 (another one I wish I kept). When I came back from Viet Nam in 67 I bought a new Dodge Coronet 440 with a 383, 4bbl and 4 speed and posi. Once again I kick myself. Hind site being 20/20 it makes me sad. I commend all that kept their first car. Ron
  4. I'm sure that it will be a nice remembrance to have around. I was fortunate to have a 62 Coupe back in my high school days in 65 and have always wished I had kept it. Also had a 65 later in life (and another one that should have been kept 🤔) I keep my eyes out for another one and maybe one day will find the one I want. Best of luck with the car and enjoy the memories. Ron of Chicago, now of Florida
  5. I was a mechanic for a Lincoln - Mercury dealer just outside Chicago in the 60's and had a 67 Lincoln Stainless pull in one day. I guess it was driven by a Ford Rep. Neat car but I just didn't get the jest of building them. Ron of Florida
  6. Welcome to the AACA forums 53Dan. Very nice car. And nicely taken care of. As to your horn problem, it sounds like you may have a wire that is either loose of rubbed bare someplace in there. Pull the wheel and take a look inside. It's always a good idea to get a shop manual for the car you have as they are invaluable at times. You can find re-prints on Amazon for probably $25.00 Good luck with the car and enjoy. Ron from Florida
  7. Welcome to the AACA. You can try this as it will give you some information. I like Edsel, especially the 1958's. Great car. have fun with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edsel
  8. Try this Gonzalo This is from the SMS auto fabric site https://smsautofabrics.com/collections/1956-oldsmobile/model-ninety-eight-starfire-convertible-coupe
  9. Hey Nils, try the guys on chevytalk.com they can help you with all the numbers game. Ron
  10. Welcome to the A.A.C.A. w30 driver. A lot of great information here from some super people that know their stuff. The unfortunate part of all this is that without the build sheet there is no way to positively say it is a W-30. Most of the things that made it real were bolt on's. Was the car built in Lansing? That is not the most important thing because Lansing built a lot of 442's. But it was the only place that built W-30's. To many, not having the original engine devalues the car but the important thing is that you like the car. I had a 69 Cutlass with the W-31 package and I know it was the
  11. 56-3067DX = 56 is the Year 1956 and the 3067DX is a 98 Deluxe convertible coupe equipped with electric windows and 2-way power seat Body L 1036 = L=Assembly Plant = Lansing Michigan, 1036 is the production serial number of the body Trim 354= Beige color interior, Leather Paint S64-52 = 64 is the lower body color 64 is Citation Bronze and upper color 52 is Charcoal Please let me know if these are your colors. This information comes from the Catalog of American Car ID Numbers. Aand when I look at the information on the Autocolor Libra
  12. Have you tried looking for the Wheaton Historical Society? I think they also have a Wheaton Facebook page. You may get lucky and find someone from there that may have a picture or knowledge of the dealer. I just found information of a dealership in Park Ridge. I knew there was one at one time and found that it had burned to the ground in the 70's. Good luck with your search. Ron
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