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  1. want to purchase a 91.have had two 89's and one 88.there are differences but what are the goods and bads.....thanks
  2. Just changed the hose.no change.old one looked OK. ...any one...please.
  3. my 89 reatta right front caliper is locking up.i have no lights,red or yellow.done brake test,twice,all is ok.i bleed the brakes every year.car has new calipers and brakes from ac delco.not really sure what is up.is my favorite car.drive it to death....189000 miles and still getting 22.8 mpg in really tough traffic.help please....
  4. Well kept hearing noise from engine.looked at oil dipstick.did not look right.pulled oil pan.bad news.metal in the bottom.like flakes.well time for another motor.ncreatta dod you still have the motor/trans. For sale.what is the least you will take.send me details and info about the motor.maybe some pics.am very interested.thanks for the help.
  5. Pulled oil filter housing and the button with spring was stuck.cleaned up to assure free movement and reinstalled .seems to have curred issue.now have great oil pressure. !
  6. Ncreatta how much for both.where in nc are you.will replace both if i pull engine.i think its worn out like me.
  7. did what ronnie sugested and came to the conclusion of main bearings.now what?
  8. hi I have a 89 reatta that after reaching operating temp. ,the oil pressure drops from 50psi to 12psi.replaced oil pump,no change.engine runs perfect except for this.car has 154000 miles and has been pampered.also replaced oil presuure sensor.engine makes a little noise after warm up,that goes away after reveing engine.
  9. no snow in north carolina,68 degrees and loveing it.washed my reatta and toronado trofeos today.was nice until wife wanted to go shopping.I feel for those in the snow belt,I will think of you. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> [color:"red"]
  10. Nic,after all the things we have done,we learned valuable info,not only for me and you,but everyone on the reatta net.When someone else hits the point of frustration we have ,we can help someone solve their problem.WHAT A GREAT SITE AND GROUP OF PEOPLE!
  11. Nic,it worked,at least I think it has.I changed the out the ecm,mem-cal and all saturday.This morning it started on first try.What a great sound,not like before,try to start then maybbe the second or third time start.but the very first time,wow,weeeee.WILL LET YOU KNOW IF THERE IS A CHANGE,BUT FOR NOW,GREAT.
  12. Sorry from all of us here,we feel for you in times like this.Hope you will forgive and understand that we share your interest in the reatta and just want to see what has you so happy.SO WHEN THINGS COOL DOWN AND YOU GET TIME WE ALL WILL BE HERE FOR YOU.
  13. nic,for a long time I fought the same problem and like you I thought I had solved the problem by doing almost as much as you had done.but to no avail,the problem came back and started to get worse.I would also like to try the same thing with the mem-cal.Can these still be purchased new or is that the reason you got one from Jim finn.Any way am glad to see someone else with the determination to not let a car problem keep you from enjoying the car we both love so much,sometimes?
  14. Hi,finally found the problem.After rulling out the tranny and motor and all the front end,brkes,tires,ect.I had it up on my freinds rack looking it over and it was right in front of me,the motor mounts.I called napa and had the mounts delivered.While at it got the tranny mount as well.Took about two hours to change out.Took it for a spin and so far so good.Will let everyone know in a few days but I think that cured the problem.The old ones looked worn but not broken.