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  1. Need to replace my water pump and am wondering if any one brand/vendor is better then another or suggestions where to get one. Thanks
  2. Fun video of the Dodge Brothers and Henry Ford
  3. I think I have a Ford Courier distributor that suppose to work with some machining as well.....
  4. Really - Serious buyers only. How about a serious price..... https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/1925-dodge-brothers-sedan/6683647489.html
  5. Do people not research realistic values when selling a vehicle? http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/5791480132.html
  6. I totally agree. This car is what I would drive as a "survivor". Just get it up and running and enjoy it as is. I'm certainly not in the hobby to turn a profit, but just for the enjoyment (and also the occasional frustration) of owning something unique.
  7. Just ran across these and thought you guys might enjoy them. May 28, 1915 July 11, 1915
  8. If I remember right my 28 Fast Four had locking pins that needed to be removed.
  9. Too bad I'm not closer should you pass on it.... Neat car.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the rings for a 1953 (239 6-cylinder) will fit pistons for a 1948 6-cylinder. They say that they are for a 3-9/16 diameter piston which I believe is the same as the 48 piston. This is the description of the rings - <center> [TABLE] <tbody>[TR] [TD=align: center] [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] </center> [h=1]Details about 1953-1966 Pontiac 194,239 3&9/16 bore + .040 chrome piston rings[/h] Thanks, Jim
  11. I have two Fast Fours (Model 128's) sedans. One is complete, original and running, the other I purchased 25 years ago, but it is only about 75% complete (no interior). I picked mine up to replace a Model A that I owned. I would love to track down a coupe someday. I think there are still a fair amount around today. Check out this fast four! http://www.fastfourspecial.com/ Jim
  12. I ran into a guy this weekend and he has running gear from what I believe he said was a 26 DB. Free to a good home. His name is John Stedtfeld and he is located in Tonasket, WA. He can be reached at (509) 233-0195. Please let me know if you take him up on his offer so I can remove this and he won't be bothered after it is gone. Thanks - Jim
  13. Dang, If I could only get it to my neck of the woods!
  14. OK Jason, I give up. Why would you do that? Just curious. Also, what do you mean by "stored wet in a ziplock bag" As an aside, did the video work for you? Tristan - Great looking purchase!
  15. Nice score on the engine and thanks for the leads on shocks. I'm going to rummage around a local "antique" wrecking yard here in town and see if I can't find something. They are pretty good about turning you loose and letting you search the yard for items. Problem is it may take a whole day! Jim
  16. I'm sure you can have the shoes relined if needed. I am in the market for a passenger side front shock if you end up with an extra. Thanks, Jim
  17. Not sure yet on a local parts store, but here is a place to start.... Pontiac Parts and Pontiac Auto Parts - California Pontiac Restoration Jim
  18. Yes, I was able to save it to my computer. I used Firefox instead of Explorer. I went to the site with the video and started the video. After the introduction was over a screen popped up that asked if I wanted to open the file or save it. I chose save and it copied the video to my computer. You might give Firefox a try and see if it works for you. Jim
  19. I used Firefox and was able to download the file. It's just over 250MB in size and plays in Windows media player. I just watched the end of the video and was surprised to see the fenders and top removed before shipment. Jim
  20. Anyone else notice that as the cars were driven off the line, the first couple were left-hand drive and then off came a right-hand drive? I love the way the bodies were "sprayed" with enamel.
  21. I got around to pulling the front end off my coupe this weekend and found that one of the shocks does not move at all, while the other moves with ease. Has anyone attempted to rebuild these lever action shocks, or is it best to send them out? If I send them out, any suggestions as to a good rebuilder? Thanks, Jim
  22. Good looking car, something about that color and the wheels almost made me think there was a big old engine under that hood. Almost looks like a street rod even though it is original. Where is the car located?
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