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  1. For Sale: 1938 replated, refurbished trunk emblem. See Ebay listing just started 3-5-2013
  2. For Sale: NOS right half grille for a 1938 Buick. I bought this years ago from one of the Buick specific suppliers (N.J.) to keep on the shelf as one of those "just in case" items. A pricey piece even then. I do not have the separate top rib to offer. Just the main grille half. This is the real deal made of cast pot metal. NOT a cheap aluminum aftermarket or a refinished piece. Could very well be the last NOS piece available anywhere. Asking $325 plus shipping via UPS (to be determined). Pictures can be emailed to interested parties. Thanks.
  3. Luke, Welcome to the AACA forum and more specifically the Pre-War Buick forum. I don't know for sure if this lead will do you any good. Back in '03 I ordered new running board stainless for my '38 Model 47 from a gentleman in Perry, Michigan. He used to advertise in either the Buick Bugle or Hemmings I believe. Not sure if he is still around but here is the contact information I have on him. Perhaps you could check it out by writing. I never had a phone number for him. Buick Restoration Services, P.O.Box 442, Perry, Michigan, 48872. They fit perfectly. As for the clips I found some on ebay from a seller named "fibersouth" if memory serves me correctly. They weren't exactly right but with just a little bit of tweaking did great. Good luck.
  4. A friend forwarded a site to me from Ebay yesterday showing an (expired) listing for a 1938 model 47 that had one of these front emblems mounted on the BACK bumper???? Now I wish I had saved the URL so I could show everyone. Quite a sight. An honest mistake I guess but wouldn't you think just a little research would have led them in the right direction? It didn't meet reserve by the way. I just had a thought. Perhaps the car had been dismantled and someone just got confused as to which was the front bumper and which was the rear bumper when they put it all together again.
  5. Sandy! Very interesting information. I doubt I will ever grow tired of looking at pictures of funky old tired stuff that someone has brought back to life. Thanks for posting them. Doug
  6. Thanks guys. I believe that you've put me on the right track. I Googled 1931 Chevy images and eventually found some pictures. I don't believe it was made from a 31 auto though. The profile just looked to massive for it to be on a car frame. First picture I found was for a 1/2 ton. Close but not quite right. The hood is way shorter on the 1/2 ton and there were too many vent ribs. Then I came across a picture of a 1 ton. Bingo! At least the front clip matches up. Wheels are solid rims on the picture I found versus wires on the subject truck though. All in all a pretty good match. THANKS AGAIN. I'm still open for input so if anyone else has a comment please let me know.
  7. Anyone have any idea as to what make and year this truck might be. I'm trying to help a friend ID it. It has some sort of significant ties to his family. The picture was taken in Louisiana approx 1942. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hi Brian. Ain't it frustrating? These vacuum switches are persnickety rascals to say the least. I by no means know enough about how they work to offer much assistance. I will tell you that upon doing away with the bypass system (push button on dash) that had been installed at some point in my '38 model 47 and going back to the original correct accelerator starter switch I've come to realize why they were so often disconnected. The problem I have had has to do with the 3" rod you reference. If it is not absolutely straight and smooth there will be problems. I had to polish, lightly sand, buff whatever I could do to ensure that there was no resistance at all in allowing this pin/rod to slide correctly. Even now when I shut the engine off and want to start it back up right away I find that I sometimes have to give the switch a light little rap with the handle of a screwdriver to get the pin back into starting position. Of course this too might be a result of weak vacuum. I rather get a chuckle out of the old girl. Kinda like she's taken on a personality and talking to me if that makes any sense. If I shut the engine off and leave it sit for a short while before restarting she always cranks immediately so go figure? I know this info will not help you out much but at least you'll know that you are not alone in having problems with 1938 highly advanced technology. Good luck.
  9. apbmalibu, Sorry to say that you're going to be hard pressed to find one. I'm not saying that somewhere out there one can't be hiding and waiting for someone to connect with it. Stranger things have happened. I restored a 1953 Special (41D) and kept the car for 11 years before selling it. The plastic seat trim that the slide control protrudes from was the ONLY piece I could never find a perfect replacement for. I did find a piece that wasn't mangled quite as badly but I was never happy with it. That was over 10 years ago too. The thin plastic is so brittle after years and years of service I fear finding one will be next to impossible. I doubt anyone reproduces them given the small number still on the road. I always wondered if one could be extruded or repaired by using todays modern technology and polymer materials. Good luck. If you find a way of replacing or repairing it I'm sure nearly every '53 Buick owner out there would be interested!
  10. JYS, I used to have a '53 Special (last year and model for the Buick straight 8's) which was all original and had the Moraine gas filter mounted directly to the back side of the Stromberg carb. I don't know if the V-8's found in all other models for 1953 would have used this same filter. Perhaps. I did a quick search on Ebay and found an example for you to look at. 37-46-50 FORD~CHEVY~PLY. MORAINE FUEL FILTER. VERY RARE : eBay Motors (item 320523435275 end time May-03-10 17:00:00 PDT)
  11. Hi Joe. Looked you up in the 2008 Roster. I see you've been around a while! Here you are: BCA# 07925
  12. Okay then. I stand corrected. I still would start with Hampton as a good place to get the carpeting then.