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  1. Thank you Larry , Sounds like it was probably three core . Interesting . Paul.
  2. Hi everyone , So I was looking at my 63' Riviera radiator today because its been running hot of late . I noticed there are only three cores in my radiator , this would be fine if the car didn't run so hot and there were only meant to be three cores BUT ! The top and the bottom of the radiator look so wide [thick] that it looks like its supposed to have a four core radiator or that it could easily accomodate one . So did someone at a radiator shop screw up and put a three core replacement into what needs and originally had four cores ???????? Basically in 1963 from the factory was this Riviera radiator three or four core ? Thanks , Paul .
  3. My fav car ever was my 69' Electra ltd. light green 4door hrd top . I want another desperately.
  4. In the first photo of the Riviera with the Road wheels they look quite large to me . maybe its the tires .BTW how do I attach a picture of my 63' Riviera with its road wheels?Love the website also . Paul .Atl,Ga [with Road Wheels on it via some spacers so they seat properly.] 63' Riviera 445 [with Road Wheels on it via some spacers so they seat properly.] 68' Skylark 69' 430-4
  5. C'mon . I know somebody knows about this ????
  6. I'm replaceing the chevy 350 and turbo 350 in my 68'skylark with the 400 and 430-4 from my 69' electra parts car . I'm know this happens alot so I was hoping someone might have some tips re drive shaft length and such . Any pointers would be a great help .
  7. I'm curious to know what you guys think a 64' kx code , 30k miles riv should be worth . someone offered me one recently and I'm thinking about selling my 63' to get it and then selling the 64' to buy a 65' I know of . The 63' sounds like its too nice for my to look after correctly and I like to drive my cars alot . thanks .
  8. Actually don't worry about it , the guy showed up with the 69' grill and its actually a 72' which I don't think will work at all. Anyone want to buy a 72' Skylark grill ?
  9. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a grill for my 68' Skylark so I bought one for a 69' in great shape for a good price . Does anyone know if it will work on my 68' and what I might have to do to make it work if it is possible . I thought I'd ask you guys before I started playing with this pricey piece of plastic ! All the best .
  10. Just trying to keep this thread going , its my favorite .
  11. Hey all, Sorry about the size of this pic . I'll have more pictures of this car soon when my friend gets them to me , mabye tommorrow at the drive-in . More to follow . Moderator Note: any bigger and picture would have suffered. RWB
  12. I need a rear passenger side power window motor please . For a 65' Skylark two door hard top. The car is finished and this is the only part we need so if you have one please let me know . Thanks , Paul.