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  1. Look for a vaccum leak. Use a 3' or so length of garden hose or equvilent. Put one end to your best ear and search around the carb and intake manifold for a leak. Manifold to head gasket is a likely spot and any vaccum accessories that run off a rubber vac hose.
  2. I have never owned a Studebaker but made a few observations in the past 65 years. I believe that Generally they were pretty good cars with a few exceptions. I think the small six cylinder cars were bad to use oil after they got some miles on them. I remember several Champions that always blew a cloud of blue smoke out the tailpipe. Also, I have a cousin that is in his eighties and grew up next to a Studebaker dealership. He told me that when he was young he had seen many Champions in the service dept getting an engine overhaul with only 30 or 40 thousand miles. I also heard the bigger cars did
  3. I use spigot packing from the hardware store. It is rope with graphite and don't cost much. Don't tighten it any more than you have to to stop the leak. Any more just wears out the shaft and packing. Those old pumps are really supposed to have a controlled leak, instead of no leak at all ever. Our culture is different today than it used to be. One drop and people get all bent out of shape.
  4. Tony, If you like hit and miss engines, get you a Gray engine to restore. I have seen a few of them. They are typical of the teens farm engines and have Gray cast into the hopper in large letters. Good Luck. Richard Mauney Mooresville NC
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