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  1. Dear jon,<P>Thank you for your explanation and it gives some clarity. Only problem is that I have two French experts (including one who knows the history of the car) that say the opposite, that it is a C 15... Please provide me with contact information of the co-coordinator Glenn Mounger as you suggest. Below the report I received form Reg Winstone on this car:<P>kind regards Joris <P>" C25 ETS looks like the model name; this must be a typographical error in the Pebble Beach programme. 'Ets.' is short for 'Etablissements' of course, and part of the name of the company, not th
  2. I completely understand what you mean to say. So far, so good for the programme. But did the JURY correct this in their report or at the prizegiving? Otherwise they gave the most famous car award of this planet to a car from which they didn't know what it was... and made a laugh of themselves.<P>Joris
  3. Thank you Bill for that. Very strange that the organisation of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance ( not the smallest event in this world) is lacking precision in writing down what cars they have on show. <P>thanks a lot Joris
  4. Who is in the possesion of this years Pebble Beach programme? Best of show was won by a 1934 Voisin. The type is not clear at the moment... It can't be sop that the PB-jury was mistaken in the car they saw...? See: <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com</A><P>thanks Joris
  5. This 1952 Austin Sheerline (A-125)with six window convertible coachwork by Pennock (The Hague, Holland) was specially built for the Queeen of the Netherlands, Juliana. The car was sold later to a Dutch salesman -William Oxener- in Lake City, Pennsylvania. He again sold the car to a tobacco company that made use of the car for public relations purpose. The car almost got scrapped according to a letter of a former mayor of Lake City. Later it was sold by a Paul Rutherford from West Hartford, Connecticut. Last rumour is that the car now resides in a private collection in Michigan. Automotive his
  6. Sorry the photo was missing: <P>
  7. Last weekend I posted this Stutz at my page <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com</A>. Although I received several very good suggestions we are still not 100 % sure about type and coachbuilder. Who can help?<P>thanks Joris
  8. You probably know of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, eligible only for cars up to 1904. This has been changed into 1906 recently. Causing a lot of turmoil in the Empire of Tradition ( the UK ;-). There will be an alternative protest Run for the really, really old cars. See for more: <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com </A> What's your opinion on this? regards, Joris
  9. The brilliant designer Buehrig made sketches for a small Duesenberg. A Prootype was made, but the idea was cancelled. Later the model was introduced as Cord. I ad a link where you can read background on the project.<P><A HREF="http://www.hfmgv.org/exhibits/showroom/1937/cord.html" TARGET=_blank>Baby Duesenberg</A><P>Joris <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com</A>
  10. Hi Bob, I am afraid this is the only photo there is. And shot 10 years ago. But I will ask the guy what happened to the car. It is highly unlikely that it is a Bugatti, as these were Bugatti people who made the pic. They would have known.<BR>Do you know where to find a drawing of the baby Duesenberg? Cheers Joris
  11. Thanks for all your help and response. I add an enlargement. Somebody emailed me that this looks like the drawings of the Baby Duesenberg. I doubt so because that seems to be scrapped. At the same time the bonnet 'flutings'look far too detailed to be form an ordinary custom project. Joris <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com</A><BR>
  12. Not a chance that it's a Delage or Delahaye. Both makes had very clear radiators. Like Mercedes and Bugatti. This airflow kind of desgin must en is typical USA. Aren't there any experts on prototypes or US one offs around?<P>regards Joris
  13. This photo is all I have. But it does look very US, isn't it? Joris
  14. Today I have this photo of a project car which is hard to identify. It looks like a Cord, but what is it? Thank you for your help.<P>Please let me know what you think through: info@prewarcar.com <P>regards Joris <P><BR><A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>PreWarCar.com</A><P>
  15. Today I post this Alfa Romeo RL 6 cylinder at my homepage: <A HREF="http://www.prewarcar.com" TARGET=_blank>www.PreWarCar.com </A> We are looking for expert advise on this car without body.<P>Thanks for your help,<P>Joris Bergsma<P> For Enlarged detail see my homepage.
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