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  1. Kim, the only thing l came up with was to use side molding strips. I bought a piece with the closest color available. I cut them in to four pieces and angled the ends to make them fit. I glued them on with weatherstripping adhesive. They're not perfect, but much better than what l had. 

  2. John, I'm just about finished this job. The biggest problem I had was that the holes in the fillers were not even close to the old ones. I ended up drilling a few holes in the support frame and used zip ties to keep them in place. I left everything a little loose and I' ll line up the bumper and tighten eveything down tomorrow. One thing I learned is that it really takes two people to put the bumper back. My floor jack and two milk crates worked, but it wasn't easy. I'll post some pictures now and when the finished job later.





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  3. Al, with the wheels pointed straight I can turn the wheel about 6 inches each way before the tires start to turn. I have bias tires and yes it wanders quite a bit. I have a shop manual and I've read how to adjust it, but I don't want to bother if it does not help. I have adjusted boxes in the past and all it usually does is causes binding. 





  4. John, I got a chance to look at the car today and you are exactly right, they are three small lights in the bottom of the dash, two over the climate control and one over the headlight switch. They do dim when I dim the dash lights. I just thought the backlights in the dash where enough and that these are map lights. I never saw these on any car before and I can't really see a reason for them. I learn something everyday. Thanks for your help,


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  5. The map lights on my Lesabre go on whenever the dash lights are on. On my "52 Special they only come on when I turn the headlight switch all the way to the right. No matter where I turn the switch on the '85 they stay on. Is this normal? 


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