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  1. Kim, the only thing l came up with was to use side molding strips. I bought a piece with the closest color available. I cut them in to four pieces and angled the ends to make them fit. I glued them on with weatherstripping adhesive. They're not perfect, but much better than what l had.
  2. Paul, thank you, I will try that.
  3. Glenn, I do not hear a click, just the sound of the motor running. Thanks
  4. I tried to adjust the front power seat on my '85 Lesabre and the motor runs but the seat does'nt move. is there a gear or cable or something that may have broken? Thanks
  5. Does anyone make a battery carrier that would work on my 6 volt 17 inch long 52 Special battery? I always used the strap type, but I can't find one long enough.
  6. Thanks everyone for the help. Frank,I do know that trick for setting the brushes.
  7. Does anyone know the amp rating of the 1985 Lesabre Limited with the 307 engine? I want to rebuild the alternator but I don't know what rectifier to buy. I believe it would be the 94 amp version, but I see there is also a 108 amp model. Thanks
  8. I got the job done today. It's not as nice as I hoped, but it's a lot better than it was. From the front it looks okay, but the sides are shorter than the originals.
  9. John, I'm just about finished this job. The biggest problem I had was that the holes in the fillers were not even close to the old ones. I ended up drilling a few holes in the support frame and used zip ties to keep them in place. I left everything a little loose and I' ll line up the bumper and tighten eveything down tomorrow. One thing I learned is that it really takes two people to put the bumper back. My floor jack and two milk crates worked, but it wasn't easy. I'll post some pictures now and when the finished job later.
  10. About two years ago I installed a new rear bumper filler on my 1985 Lesabre. Now It's time to do the front and was just wondering if anybody here has done this and is there anything I need to know. Thanks
  11. Ben, that's a real good point. I guess it's time to have a friend work the wheel while I see what's going on under there. Thanks
  12. Al, with the wheels pointed straight I can turn the wheel about 6 inches each way before the tires start to turn. I have bias tires and yes it wanders quite a bit. I have a shop manual and I've read how to adjust it, but I don't want to bother if it does not help. I have adjusted boxes in the past and all it usually does is causes binding. Thanks
  13. Has anyone had any success adjusting this type of steering box? Mine has about 12 inches of play. Thanks
  14. Thanks Ben and Pete. Looks like I'll need to find a buddy when it's time.
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