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  1. I had Egge make a set of pistons for me years ago, they also made new valves. Everything is in a box somewhere. I never finished the project. And as mentioned, the bearings can be Babbitted and machined.
  2. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I can do it, but I am in north east Pa.
  4. it was ground, clamped to a plate and heated to 900 deg. for welding, stress relieved at 1000 deg. and cooled slowly also reheated between welding, unless you were here while I was doing it . I do not need comment's on how I did it.
  5. Thank you Oxy acetylene torch and cast iron filler
  6. If you can get there with a nut splitter, split the nuts take them off clean the threads and new nuts for reassembly???
  7. Actually , depressing the accelerator does set the choke, when actuating the starter , voltage is applied to the choke solenoid, closing the choke all the way while on the starter, than it operates like a normal automatic choke with the bimetal spring. There is a setup procedure using a pin thru the hole in the shaft.
  8. The engine does not have to be dismantled unless there is something in the way. It can even be done in the car if it is possible to get to it.
  9. If there are missing pieces, I either just use cast iron stock , or make a pattern and have a piece cast. If it is not critical for appearance and the customer wants to cut cost, I have even used steel plate.
  10. torch welded john deere brake housing and Dieter engine rocker arm
  11. 8 hp Reid engine, stitched
  12. Quincy engine rear of base broken and missing, stitched
  13. Ruston Hornsby 1 cyl. diesel head stitched
  14. Dave I am in Lehighton Pa. I will try to post some photos of some of the jobs I have done, later tonight Paul
  15. It should be at least 3/16" thick to stitch and as Frank told you being it was welded makes it hard to work with. Arc welding makes the cast very hard and can not be drilled and tapped. I just did a stitching job, about 48" of crack, some of it was previously brazed. The heat from brazing made it very hard to work with. The manifold might be a candidate for oxy/acet. torch welding with cast iron filler rod.
  16. I just heard the Frank is not doing any more do to health??? I do not know if this is true.
  17. Is the spectator parking also in the green field???? Thanks
  18. 2 owner '81 Mercedes 300D, nice original car, moon roof,new battery, runs good, needs some small items done to it, odometer and fuel gauge do not work, has all the manuals, first aid kit still in rear compartment. About 90.000 miles on car, have other photos if interested. $5250 OBO
  19. They are Auto-Lite, I think they were red, 12 volt was green????
  20. What was the Kempton meet is the one that is now held at Hamburg by the Ontelaunee region.
  21. Are there any directions or address for the show field, if not going to the hotel???? Thank you
  22. The small spring I believe you are referring to is just an anti rattle spring and holds the bearing away from the pressure plate fingers when pedal is released, The fork should have a clip on it that holds the fork onto the ball stud in the bell housing
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