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  1. Personally, I would never strike an arc on cast iron, TIG, Stick or MIG. The arc messes up the structure of the cast iron, making it hard and brittle.
  2. I had Egge make a set of pistons for me years ago, they also made new valves. Everything is in a box somewhere. I never finished the project. And as mentioned, the bearings can be Babbitted and machined.
  3. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can do it, but I am in north east Pa.
  5. it was ground, clamped to a plate and heated to 900 deg. for welding, stress relieved at 1000 deg. and cooled slowly also reheated between welding, unless you were here while I was doing it . I do not need comment's on how I did it.
  6. Thank you Oxy acetylene torch and cast iron filler
  7. If you can get there with a nut splitter, split the nuts take them off clean the threads and new nuts for reassembly???
  8. Actually , depressing the accelerator does set the choke, when actuating the starter , voltage is applied to the choke solenoid, closing the choke all the way while on the starter, than it operates like a normal automatic choke with the bimetal spring. There is a setup procedure using a pin thru the hole in the shaft.
  9. The engine does not have to be dismantled unless there is something in the way. It can even be done in the car if it is possible to get to it.
  10. If there are missing pieces, I either just use cast iron stock , or make a pattern and have a piece cast. If it is not critical for appearance and the customer wants to cut cost, I have even used steel plate.
  11. torch welded john deere brake housing and Dieter engine rocker arm
  12. 8 hp Reid engine, stitched
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