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  1. Are there any directions or address for the show field, if not going to the hotel???? Thank you
  2. The small spring I believe you are referring to is just an anti rattle spring and holds the bearing away from the pressure plate fingers when pedal is released, The fork should have a clip on it that holds the fork onto the ball stud in the bell housing
  3. I do stitching. About 3/16" of thickness would be required to do a proper job. And yes a piece can be cut out and put back in. Here are some photos of a recent repair I did on a 17 hp. Ruston Hornsby diesel engine cyl. head. Luckily the pieces were saved and could be put back.
  4. I will agree, they do not like to downshift like they are supposed to. I usually push the clutch in when I come to a stop. Seems like that makes it down shift quicker and smoother. Yes the are 4 speeds but you can only ever use 3 of the gears, If you let it upshift in low range from 1 to 2 and than move the selector to hi range you will be in 4th. if you pull out in 1st, low, move the selector to hi, you will be in 3rd, than work the throttle to upshift to 4th. That is the fastest way to pull out with these cars.
  5. I would say that there really is no OD. it is a hydraulically operated 2 speed "semi auto" { you must take your foot off the throttle for it to upshift} with a manually selected hi low range. It has a fluid coupling therefore you can come to a stop without using the clutch and the trans should down shift. The clutch is only for selecting low, hi range and reverse.
  6. No, actually the Gyromatic is a 2 speed trans with a high and low range. You can start in low 1st clutch to move selector to high 1st than get off the throttle to let it shift to high 2nd. Or let it shift from low 1st to low 2nd than clutch to move to high 2nd. you can also leave it in high range and never use the clutch after you put it in gear. Paul
  7. If it is a Coronet, it is Gyromatic or a semi auto trans. If it is a Meadowbrook it is Fluid Drive, that is a standard 3 speed with a fluid coupling. The handle with the cable that is pulled out to far is the hood release.
  8. I also thank the South Jersey Region for the great show, also Annie and Joel for the wonderful photos. Paul Schmidt
  9. I remember my Dad telling me that they used kerosene in the McCormick Deering tractor for anti freeze. Than in the summer they would drain it out and put it in the fuel tank. Paul
  10. I will have 2 pr. of '55 Chrysler taillights, many outside door handles, horn ring, clock, and some 300 hubcaps and a power steering column at Hershey spaces CQ14=15 Paul
  11. I would like to find a new home for the car. $6500 Paul
  12. Car is still for sale. I am open to offers. Thanks, Paul
  13. I also thank them for the GREAT time and the cash back!!!! Paul
  14. 1954 Packard Pacific for sale. Nice interior; needs body work, paint. $7500
  15. Frank That was VERY WELL SAID!!! I agree with you totally!