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  1. mickthecat

    What is this car?

    The Ford in the background is a 1913.
  2. mickthecat

    Men's Picnic at Beach

    The car in front is an Overland c. 1917 - 1919. The car behind it is a Ford Model T from about the same era.
  3. mickthecat

    What is it..

    It looks like a split case transaxle which makes it 1960 or earlier. The floorboards don't look rusted out either. It just might be worth saving.
  4. mickthecat

    Ford Model A Model T Seat Springs?

    These were saved from the scrapper. I was told they are from a Model A or possibly a Model T Ford, there were some 1928-1929 Model A parts in the same pile. Some of them have a wooden box built around them, the wood is obviously past saving. Can any one confirm this? And, more importantly, are they worth hanging on to or are they just junk? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. mickthecat

    Speedster ore torpedo style seats

  6. mickthecat

    What is this cast aluminum deep sump oil pan from?

    I cheated and looked up the p/n (11601029131) on Google - it fits a '72-75 Mercedes 450 SL.
  7. mickthecat

    what frame and what year is this

    1921-1925. The last two years had a wider rear crossmember.
  8. Hello This pile of stuff has been set out for the scrap collectors about 30 miles from where I'm at. Is there anything worth saving here? I see an early block and a real early transmission probably c. 1920, also what looks like a dual quad cross-ram air cleaner. Any idea what this stuff is?
  9. mickthecat

    1914 Grant Transmission Needed

    There's a 1913 Grant parts car that's been languishing in the Orange County, California Craigslist for a number of months now - it looks like the remains of a restomod project that went off the tracks but the transaxle might be salvageable. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/atq/d/1913-grant-roadster-project/6590756671.html Good luck!
  10. mickthecat

    Unknown small gas tank c 1950

    Someone told me this was from a 1950 VW Beetle. It is quite small, maybe five gallons max. And I have no idea what this little clip mechanism is that's attached to one side. Has the large filler neck like an early Bug. Any ideas?
  11. mickthecat

    Spindles c. 1912-18?

    Another long shot... From a high-end make.
  12. mickthecat

    Cowl lamp ca. 1913-15 - any ideas?

    This is a long shot – here is a cowl lamp with a brass body approx 4-1/8 diameter overall. From a fancier car. Note the side marker lens and aluminum mounting nut. Anyone recognize this?
  13. mickthecat

    Early suspension parts - can you identify?

    Thanks for your help. I tried listing some of these parts on a well-known online auction site, but, not surprisingly, I didn't end up getting rich.
  14. mickthecat

    More early suspension parts

    More unknown suspension parts... Shackle parts - apparently from a more common make. Spring bolts? U-bolts. More U-bolts.
  15. More early parts that are not Model T Ford. Any ideas? 1. Early leaf spring shackle, missing some parts 2. Another Early leaf spring shackle - I'm guessing the Alemite fitting was added later? 3. Knee-action shock part? 4. Same part, bottom view