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  1. One last time around for this before it goes in the scrap barrel.
  2. Another Long Shot. Guessing this is from a mid 1960's German car. Is it worth saving or should I scrap it?
  3. Anyone recognize this? Apparently it originally had a louvered front, which has since been removed.
  4. Another long shot. Here is an early pedal cluster with brake and clutch pedals. The throw-out yoke is attached directly to the clutch pedal which makes me think this is fairly early. Any ideas?
  5. Could it be the Grapes of Wrath car 80 years later?
  6. BTW, Redondo Beach is NOT in Ohio. The seller is a well-known car guy in Southern California, very knowledgeable.
  7. I think this is mid- 1920's. The bolt pattern looks real similar to Model T Ford stuff, but this one is made of stamped steel, not forged iron. It looks like the mounting bar snapped off and a new one was purchased to replace it, but it was never installed. Maybe fits a TT Truck? Any ideas?
  8. High quality "Ahooga" horn parts. Cast iron frame for motor, probably pre-1920. Anyone recognize this?
  9. I didn't expect to find the "ALEMITE" script on this casting. Any ideas what it fits?
  10. Cortes just opened this account a couple weeks ago. I strongly suspect this is a fake account to shill for this scumbag.
  11. Talk to George at Veteran Auto Lamps, he should have the spinnings for that size Rushmore Light. It's a bit early for the tractor, you will want to find a 1910 or earlier Pierce or Stanley to mount that to.
  12. Pressed steel, so probably from a less-expensive, mass produced car. 21 1/2" Overall length. Murphy fasteners still attached. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  13. Nickel-plated Brass Rim w/ Parabeam Headlamp Lens. Overall Diameter is 12". From a large, high-end make. I was told this fits a Marmon but that's just a guess. There is a triangular "point" at the top that almost looks like a Masonic symbol. Any ideas?
  14. I don't know if it's even off of a car. Should I feel guilty if i toss it into the scrap bin?
  15. Found mixed in with old car parts... any idea what it is? Maybe part of an "Oil Rectifier" system?
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