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  1. I read on the internet (so it must be true) that some of the engines Paige used were supplied by Duesenberg as well as Continental. Which one is in this car?
  2. Don't know about famous, but I have met a few infamous ones.
  3. Don't know about famous, but I have met a few infamous ones.
  4. Listed on Facebook - This is even sadder than that burned-out Locomobile I posted pic's of here a few weeks ago; apparently this was a nice older restoration until something went terribly wrong...
  5. Ford Model C, c. 1904-05
  6. Usually not a good sign when the seller includes the words "yard art" in the description, but at least the asking price is reasonable. Ad went up on the Ventura (California) Craigslist about a day ago.
  7. I'm thinking maybe Dodge Victory Six 1928 maybe 1929.
  8. The snap rings are from the E & J gas headlights and were used to hold the Mangin mirrors in place. These lights were commonly used on Fords from 1911 thru 1914. The bolts and the associated brackets fit the bottom tank of a Corcoran carbide generator, which was used on a number of makes. Good find!
  9. No idea what it is, but it looks an awful lot like a hamster car. Sorry I just had to post this.
  10. Interesting switches, approximately same size and shape as a Model T light socket. Are they for an Automotive application?
  11. Please no political comments; what car is this in the background behind The Donald?
  12. It's no earlier than 1920 - no kerosene side lights means it's an electric start. 1920 or later. It also has the later front end with the wishbone mounted below the axle.
  13. It looks like the 6-cylinder Locomobile may have re-appeared. I found these pictures on Facebook Marketplace this morning. The seller is asking $13K for it, which is probably more than a little optimistic. I sent him a message but he hasn't gotten back with me. Maybe someone else out there will have better luck?
  14. I believe the end plate is a Delco, and it has a movable third brush.
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